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New Profile Posts

  1. ProperChilli
    We have access again. Hello :)
  2. SovereignEternal
    SovereignEternal Aidoneus
    A beep, for a very troublesome sheep.
  3. SparedPumpkins
    SparedPumpkins iLuxxy
    I Only Have Pies for You
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  4. SparedPumpkins
    The manager can't stand chess nuts boasting in an open foyer.
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    2. SovereignEternal
      @iLuxxy why are you bullying the chess nuts?
      Jan 20, 2023
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    3. BetaPetey
      @iLuxxy is probably just jealous just pretend he isn’t there
      Jan 20, 2023
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  5. SparedPumpkins
    A group of chess enthusiasts were kicked out of a hotel reception for discussing their winning games.
  6. iLuxxy
    iLuxxy SparedPumpkins
    Poke. You deserved a forum notification.
  7. SovereignEternal
    "Hell begins the day that God grants you the vision to see all that you could've done, should've done, and would've done, but did not do."
  8. iLuxxy
    We're all surrounded by an army of angels. Some of them we can see, some we don't. ~ SovereignEternal's Dad
    1. BetaPetey
      Jan 20, 2023
  9. Lady_of_the_Lake
    Lady_of_the_Lake MrR20
    Hi MrR, I just heard from Caylex that we have been added again to stone block 3; just letting you know o/
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    2. MrR20
      Ty alot of telling me. MC eternal will get a huge update. I planing to join it :D
      Jan 24, 2023
  10. SovereignEternal
    SovereignEternal iLuxxy
    A free notification for you!
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  11. misscatlin1951
    misscatlin1951 Aidoneus
    Can you assist? I lost everything over a month ago to a bad video card. I now have a new graphics card but it is over 5 years old. I am trying to get Stone Block 2 to open so I can check out if the graphics will work, but cant play because I need the quest book reset. If you can completely reset the island it might help.
  12. BetaPetey
    BetaPetey iLuxxy
    Thought you could use some activity here.
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    2. iLuxxy
      Been quiet lately :(
      Dec 21, 2022
  13. iLuxxy
    iLuxxy SovereignEternal
    Poke. You deserve a forum notification.
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    2. SovereignEternal
      Woah! A manager in the wild! I should be cautious...
      Dec 3, 2022
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  14. iLuxxy
    iLuxxy Willfon
    Poke. You deserve a forum notification.
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  15. iLuxxy
    iLuxxy XoCynner
    You deserve a forum notification. Poke :)
  16. iLuxxy
    iLuxxy Aidoneus
    You deserve a forum notification. Poke :)
  17. misscatlin1951
    Alive and well as can be expected for a septuagenarian.
  18. osirisgothra
    Feeling like a fish out of gasoline
  19. LordEreh
    xDˣᴰ because xD is not enough
  20. LordEreh
    Don't tell people, 'You're okay the way that you are.' That's not the right story. The right story is, 'You're way less than you could be.'