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Valid Ads and/or Youtube Channel

Discussion in 'Monetization Suggestions' started by Asapps, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Asapps

    Asapps Well-Known Member

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    8:47 AM
    Suggestion Title:
    Ads and/or Youtube Channel
    Short Description:
    Add ads to the MYM website and/or make a YouTube channel for mym
    Long Description:
    1. You could start putting ads on the MYM pages (clean specific and interesting ones of course). I know that MYM has probably never done that, but it's a suggestion that would probably work. You might want to ask everyone to disable their adblocker for mym as well, to enable more revenue to keep the site alive.
    2. The admins/founders and maybe others...Could start up a Youtube channel for means of making some revenue. Currently YouTube only requires you to obtain 10,000 views in order to monetize your videos and gain revenue. No subs are actually needed. With this method, you could also attract other people to the server as well.
    3. I do have one other suggestion, but it involves a PTC site, and I doubt you'd want to get involved with such a thing. Takes time too. If you want some info, let me know.

    These are my suggestions, thank you for taking the time in reading them, and I hope it may help the future of MYM.

  2. dragon87tamer

    dragon87tamer Senior Moderator Patron Tier 3

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    1:47 PM
    adding to the youtube factor...how bout finding some highly watched youtubers, and asking them to do a server spotlight? give them access to some perks or soemthing that helps them show off the server.... for Example youtuber Ssundee, he has around 8.4mill subs with a view count of a 800,000 people. Someone like that doing a modpack/server spotlight is going to attract alot of attention, and increase the chance of people spending money (specially if they like the server)
  3. Tipsied

    Tipsied Well-Known Member

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    5:47 AM
    We could also create a currency specific to the website such as Community Points and everyday a player could choose to watch a maximum of 5 ad videos (or an infinite amount) to gain community points to spend on the website for perks such as using colored text, bold/italacise, emojis, customizable things people could create and donate such as MyM signatures or avatars, etc. (sort of like phone apps).
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  4. Rohen

    Rohen The beemaster

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    2:47 PM
    Youtube is a terrible source of money. Most youtube creators earned less than 500$ even before the adpocalypse. Now that a bot is spreading demonetization in a genere-to-genere plague-like fashion, it's basically impossible to get any money if you don't already have 25000+ subscribers.
  5. Uthael_Killeanea

    Uthael_Killeanea Well-Known Member

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    2:47 PM
    I'd be willing to watch some ads. I don't even have my adblocker on.
    I wouldn't mind ads on the sides here on the forums. There could be an option to hide ads if you're logged in and have donated at any given time.
    But no ads on the main website. You need a good first impression.
    There could also be an option to watch ads for currency near vote sites.

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