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Valid Consumables

Discussion in 'Monetization Suggestions' started by KeiranHalcyon89, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. KeiranHalcyon89

    KeiranHalcyon89 Well-Known Member

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    Server-wide consumable perks
    Long Description:
    Suggestion: Ranks get so many server-wide consumables per month (number and types depend on rank level) with the option to buy extra with coins.

    These consumables are gameplay affecting perks, but when someone activates them they last for a short time (~30 mins?) and everyone on the server gets the benefit.

    Some examples
    • XP boost
    • Health boost
    • Speed boost
    • Mining boost
    • Darksight boost
    Variant: Small kit presents sent to all players online (ex. potions, food, tools, etc)​

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