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~Invalid Forum Currency

Discussion in 'Monetization Suggestions' started by tractoid, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. tractoid

    tractoid Ex-Staff

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    4:57 AM
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    Donor Perks
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    Donor Idea
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    My thoughts on how to get around EULA and still make money is if we were to sell Donor ranks on the forums that transfer over to the game (nothing is gained that isn't cosmetic) however, you can use MyM Points (gained from playtime ranks and submitting items for the MyM achievements) to unlock the perks of your tier for either a temp amount of time, or a perm amount of time. Say that I have tier 2 and I want my Resource kit. I can then pay 100 points to unlock getting a daily Resource kit for 1 week. or 1000 points to unlock a kit of my choice forever.
    This is a bit of a combination of things that I read in the Casual Slack channel.
  2. Slind

    Slind Founder

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    2:57 PM
    Unfortunately workarounds and loopholes are unlikely to fly, since the decision are made by mojang employees and not a judge based on the actual terms.

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