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Valid Incentivised advertisement.

Discussion in 'Monetization Suggestions' started by Slind, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Slind

    Slind Founder

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    1:04 PM
    Suggestion Title:
    Incentivised advertisement.
    Short Description:
    Watch a video ad and get 5 Credits.
    Long Description:
    Playwire offers ~$5 CPM (per thousand views), which is not bad for incentivised outstream video ads.

    Would need a few thousand ads to be watched a day to be worth anything, though. Payout is probably delayed by 2-4 months.​
  2. Jboeggs

    Jboeggs Member

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    1:04 AM
    Suggestion Title:
    InGame based advertisements
    Short Description:
    InGame based advertisements for Non paying users.
    Long Description:
    Hey everyone I had already made a suggestion but just thought about this because I recently used chromium in another project I was doing. Chromium provides JCEF (Java Chromium Embedded Framework) which supports HTML5, Javascript, etc.

    In this suggestion it would basically mean locking your servers down to people that specifically use your launcher and your "edited" versions of each mod pack that include a JCEF browser that loads a simple Adsense video ad over the players game and stops all input (as long as they are not taking damage, falling, etc) and requires them to watch the video.

    If people don't want ads, charge them a $1 a month just to remove the ads. This allows everyone to stay on the server and pay server bills. You can show ad's multiple times each hour for each player and this does not break the EULA.

    I will add a couple more CPM sites other than adsense as there terms do not allow you to auto-refresh a page it has to be user initiated.

    Links to check out:
    Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.
    AdSense for video overview - AdSense Help

    Other video ad websites that pay for cost per (thousand) impression:
    SelectMedia | The Leading SSP of Video and Mobile
    Digital Advertising | Creative Digital Marketing Ads | Undertone
    Global Premium Marketing - News
    Home | BrightRoll
    And many more...

    I used to do this for my Garry's mod servers and the gmod servers I developed on. This can be very lucrative especially with a good user base.​
  3. BookerTheGeek

    BookerTheGeek Well-Known Member

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    4:04 AM
    Don't captcha pay per answer? We could require a captcha to be answered before login is allowed. Or say that a captcha is required for every 4 hours of play.
  4. Uthael_Killeanea

    Uthael_Killeanea Well-Known Member

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    1:04 PM
    How about only enabling ads in the MyM launcher (and maybe its version of the modpack)? By using another launcher, you're losing the ability to earn in-game currency provided by ads.
    You could let an ad play from the launcher if you're browsing facebook or going to a toilet.
    You could let an ad play from the client during the startup loading screen and while you're afk or waiting for machines to be done processing.
    I know I would.

    You'd lose quite a lot of players if you implemented mandatory captcha. Anything bad that's mandatory, actually. There are always other servers to play on without those annoyances.

    Check this out, highly related situation:

    Me personally, I buy games and sometimes donate to random stuff out of charity. Every old game I now own used to be a pirate version back when I was a child and didn't have my own money.

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