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~Invalid Maybe A Workable Loophole?

Discussion in 'Monetization Suggestions' started by CN_Armor, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. CN_Armor

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    Suggestion Title:
    Maybe A Workable Loophole?
    Short Description:
    See the 2nd paragraph below.
    Long Description:
    The commercial use basically says: no buying soft currency with real money; no buying advantages with real money.

    So what if we make it so every advantage we had can only be purchased by soft currency, which can be earned by simply login, but set a cap on how much soft currency you can spend everyday based on donor tier?

    So for example, everyone get 10,000 of this new soft currency(referred as NSC below) by login to the server. Free player can spend up to 50 NSC to unlock the ability to use chunk loader. Make every other buy options cost higher than 50 NSC so free player can't purchase them unless they donate. Tier 1 donor can spend up to 500 NSC to purchase different starter kits, Tier 2 donor can spend up to 2,000 to unlock additional convenient commands, etc. Just set the price so the previous donor tier cannot purchase.

    Maybe also make this NSC earn-able, with higher tier donor have a higher earning rate.

    Maybe give free players a way to increase the spend cap as well, by e.g. inviting other players to the network. The invited player must play a certain time, or reach a certain title to prevent alt-account spamming. Also if the invited player donate, then the player who invited the donor also gain a certain spend cap.

    Yes, these are basically the tricks mobile games have been playing, but hey they worked for them, so they may also work here. Worth a try IMO.​
  2. Slind

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    4:09 PM
    Very interesting idea.
    Unfortunately while this might hold up in court, the decision is made by mojang employees and therefor such loop holes are unlikely to go through unless overlooked.

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