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Mc Eternal

Discussion in 'Endgame Items' started by dragon87tamer, May 31, 2020.

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    The items listed in this post, and any items requiring them, are classed as Endgame Items and should not traded, or requested, in the public channels.


    Any item that gives Creative flight


    Any Seed that is not a Overworld drop.
    Any Seed that requires Breeding.
    Any world drop seed that is higher then 1/1/1.

    Applied Energistics
    Wireless Crafting Terminal.
    Creative Wireless Crafting Terminal.

    Astral Sorcery
    Any constellation that isn't found in the Overworld.
    Anything that requires Starlight to craft.

    Any Spawn Egg.
    Anything that requires Altar Power.
    Any brew (bottle) that requires Brew to make. Example Oil of Vitriol because it requires Cloudy oil to make.

    Any Alfheim Materials.
    Gaia Spirits/Ingots.
    Wills of ... (all the wills are classed as endgame).
    Any sash.

    All Bees.

    Electroblob Wizardy + Twilight Forest addon
    All spells, except Magic Missile.
    Any wand Apprentice and above.

    Any machine that requires a Industrial Machine Chasis/Enhanced Machine Chasis or Soul Machine Chasis.
    Any capacitor above Basic.
    Any Fluid made in a VAT.

    Extra Utilities 2
    Angel Wings.
    Quantum Quarry.

    Fire and Ice
    All dragon Eggs.


    All bees not worldgen.
    All Genes.
    All Templates.

    Immersive Engineering
    Anything that is made with a machine or a byproduct of a machine.

    Industrial Forgoing
    All Fluids.

    Inventory Pets
    All pets.

    Any machines requiring Advanced/Elite/Ultimate Circuits.

    Mystical Agriculture
    All Seeds.
    All Essences that require a Infusion crystal to make.

    Nuclear Craft
    Any material obtainable from the Isotope Separator.

    Tech Reborn
    Any machine that needs a Advanced machine frame to Build.


    Any Thaumcraft item that requires research - Clarification: Items that are COMMON Loot from Dungeon Chests are exempt.
    No Research Sharing with players! Unless in your group/team.
    Ichor or Any Ichor related Item.
    Celestial Gate and Foci.
    Bottle of Taint.

    Thermal Expansion

    All machines that are above Basic tier.

    Tinkers and all Addons

    All ingots/fluids that are alloyed in the smeltery.


    Anything that is required to get to level 5 and above of either Vampire or Vampire hunter.
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