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Invalid Money to points -> points to perks

Discussion in 'Monetization Suggestions' started by _Pandoro, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. _Pandoro

    _Pandoro Well-Known Member

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    4:03 PM
    Suggestion Title:
    Money to points -> points to perks
    Short Description:
    That's how another community resolved this issue.
    Long Description:
    I don't remember the full explanation but basically if you set up something where you can buy points and earn points (even if it's not enough to get ranks and things) and then with points you can get perks it will be allowed.

    Basically do something like that:
    5 euro -> 5k points
    tier 1 -> 5k points
    tier 2 -> 10k points

    For the patrons I can't see in-game perks so it should be fine.​
  2. Slind

    Slind Founder

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    4:03 PM
    The final decision is made by mojang employees. Working around the rules, won't work :(

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