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PO3 Kappa - Stuff to make the pack a little easier.

Discussion in 'Tutorials, Tips and Tricks' started by deepcage, Oct 19, 2020.

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  1. deepcage

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    DISCLAIMER: This will make the pack much easier! It will also break progression and possibly make the pack last less long than you may want. Do not use these options below unless you have no problems with that.
    This might also complete quests for you, keep that in mind.

    Make an enderchest and encode the following color patterns for their corresponding items. Don't worry about taking it all, they are all connected to creative chests. Make sure that you do not use a diamond on the lock!

    If at any point in time, the chests are empty, that basically means the creative chests aren't chunkloaded anymore. If that's the case, fly over to these coordinates and they should refill the chests. X: -248. Z: 1783. Y: 205

    If the image doesn't load, try this: 

    If you want to request a specific item to be added. leave a comment!

    Dont be a dork please. dont pipe them into trash! If you dont like this, then dont spoil it for anyone else please!

    A little extra info on The Final Star Shard. I set this up for you guys farming EMC. 1 stack will give you 0.2 Quintillion EMC, so no need to tax the server with massive mobfarms anymore. You can actually max out EMC with these. Up to 9.22 Quintillion EMC.

    For obvious and ultimately game breaking reasons, i have not and will not include items like The Philosophers Stone. The EMC Table(t)'s and the Creative Chest. Put a little effort to make those yourself. I've helped you cheat enough :D

    If you really really really really really want an EMC Table(t), ask me ingame! But only ingame!
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  2. Lirael

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    I have locked this thread to prevent further troll like replies. If deepcage wants it reopened, he can request it.
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