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Done Quest Book can't detect my item

Discussion in 'Enigmatica 2: Expert' started by InposibleZek, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. InposibleZek

    InposibleZek Patron Tier 3

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    3:14 AM

    So I am having some trouble with the Quest Book, I need to submit an Atomic Reconstructor but when I click Submit/Detect nothing happens. I tried restarting the game, disconnecting and reconnecting to the server but nothing happens and we need this quest to progress further.

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  2. BetaPetey

    BetaPetey Moderator

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    9:14 PM
    Hello InpossibleZek,

    I will ping the @Senior Moderator team to take care of this for you. Please be patient as they tend to be very busy these days. Thanks for reporting this issue.

    Kind Regards,

    - Assisted By Gabezetrainboy4
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  3. TheeForgotten

    TheeForgotten Senior Moderator

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    9:14 PM
    Hello InposibleZek,

    I have taken care of the quest for you. When you log on it should be complete. If not please reply to this and i will make sure it gets taken care of.

    Enjoy your gaming

    Assisted by BenjiTheViking
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