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Valid Re-Post of "Shop Brainstorm" From #administration

Discussion in 'Monetization Suggestions' started by Snowfoxs, Nov 1, 2017.

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    Re-Post of "Shop Brainstorm" From #administration
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    Since the file has been pushed up into a less visable area (And 10k message limit ate everything else for lunch)
    • Current perks on server instead of player basis
    • Priority Access/Join Full Servers/Reserved Slots (not allowed, but T1 minigame networks like mineplex, gomme.. use it)
    • Limited server resources (e.g. 5ms per tick), premium for additonal computation time per tick
    • Fully seperated premium servers
      • Permanent Rank Servers (Teir X)?
      • Subsription Based (Patron)?
      • Creative Vanilla Server?
    • Community goals for new servers/modpacks
    • Claim reset timer
    • Premium Support (Priority, SLA)
    • Premium Support additonal services (overloaded inventory recovery, base rollback..)
    • Kits available at spawn for everyone (one per player) for n hours (announced in chat)
    • Premium Forum Features
    • Premium Only Vote Commands (vote restart, vote item clear, etc)
    • Feature Premium Subscription Players on Forum Post (Announcements)
    • Premium Teamspeak Badges & Permissions (Can edit own private channel names/desc/etc, premium private channels have longer delete timer)
    • Allow Premium Users of X rank to change their ingame prefix to a larger selection of prefixes. Indicate rank by + sign or color for patrons.
    • Donation ONLY Global Announcement (When someone donates for zero perks, make a global announcement to thank them)
    • Ingame Morphs (change player skin to NPC (without benefits of the NPC))
    • Gambling System
    • Patron only discord voice channels
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