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Senior Moderator

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by Snowfoxs, Jun 21, 2018.

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  1. Snowfoxs

    Snowfoxs Consultant

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    Are you interested in spending more of your time helping out the community as a MyM Staff Member? If you are looking to spend more time helping out the players while gaining further experience on the Modded Minecraft and its community, this is the next step. This position takes more of your free time that you might otherwise spend playing. There are more responsibilities and more accountability as well, but if you are looking to move forward and become more of an authority figure here on MyM then this is the way to go!

    Below are the Responsibilities, Requirements and Expectations along with the application form. Please read thoroughly and carefully before submitting.

    • Continue to answer all ticket issues as permissions grant
    • Continue to relay tickets as necessary if unable to handle (immediately and directly)
    • Pass on any issues out of your ability to Admins or Managers
    • Continue to moderate the forums, discord, TS and in-game chat to address issues
    • Be a presence within the community by socializing on all MYM platforms and building relationships with staff and the player base
    • Represent the MyM Staff respectfully and professionally
    • TPS
    • Minor Crash Fixes (entities/blocks that can be fixed without backend access)
    • Dupe investigation & bans
    • Testing
      • Bugs
      • Game Crashes
      • Dupes
      • Game Mechanics
      • (does not test server crashes)
    • Global Searches
    • Permanent Bans
    • Creating private bug reports and GitHub reports
    • Basic observation (Junior Mod -> Mod) that will be reported to management
      • Aptitude
      • Quality of work
      • Discipline issues
    • Writing performance reviews for moderators and junior moderators, submitting them to management for review & release to the staff member
    • Holding training sessions with staff members on training server
    • Ensuring staff members are properly trained
    • Aiding managers in the Junior Mod intake process as necessary
    • Reviewing ban reports for accuracy
    • Workramp duties as needed
    • Create and maintain SOPs, suggesting changes and updates as needed
    • Add new Junior Mod applications, absences to the manager data system via google form
    • Minimum Requirements (subject to change!)
      • 3 months as a moderator, 1 month as a moderator for returning staff that have been in this position before. (subject to Manager discretion and circumstance)
    • Consistent and high standard of work
      • Showing a high level of knowledge of their current rank (Moderator)
      • Ongoing and consistent high standard of ticket/support productivity
      • Very strong understanding of our network rules, the network itself and the community
    • Professionalism
      • Shown strong customer service skills
      • Showing high level of maturity and patience while in difficult situations with players
      • Good social and interpersonal skills are desired, including taking the initiative, strong communication skills, empathy, self-control, conflict resolution skills, assertiveness, criticism, and curiosity.
    • Consistent working relationship with other staff members
      • Being a positive role model to others
      • Shown interest and drive to learn more about the network and other positions
      • Excludes themselves from drama and the rumor mill
    • Showing willingness to train others without being prompted
      • Sharing knowledge
      • Willing to contribute to the current knowledge database
    • Consistent teamwork and leadership throughout time as staff
    • Continued growth in both the MyM and Modded Minecraft communities
    • Added responsibilities
    • Greater opportunities
    • Lots more experience and knowledge
    • Management experience
    • Administrative experience
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