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Sky Adventures

Discussion in 'Endgame Items' started by GreyWolf11, Jan 3, 2019.

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    The items listed in this post and any items requiring them are classed as endgame items so therefore should not be listed on the market in this pack!
    Items here are here either due to being endgame, are needed for progression, or the sheer amount of required items
    This list may be edited at any point.

    Any Item that provides creative flight!
    Donator Kits are NOT allowed on the market!
    Anything requiring a Nether Star that isn't a vanilla item.
    Any Creative Items

    Blood Magic

    Any Blood Orb
    Any Sigils
    Any bound items, or derivatives (Sanguine)
    Weak Blood Shard & Demon Blood shard
    Any Altar runes
    Complex spell crystals
    Complex spell parts
    Any item that requires Tier 4 Altar
    Potion Flasks
    Life Shard & Soul Shard

    Blood magic didn't change so it is a pain just like it normally is so I'd leave them on the list.

    Drops from both Gaia and Gaia 2.0
    Anything requiring the use of The Portal to the Alfheim
    Flugel Tiara
    Globetrotters Sash
    Terrasteel and anything made out of it
    Incense Sticks
    Potion Flasks

    All chickens obtained by breeding and their respective eggs

    Compact Solar Arrays

    Draconic Evolution
    Everything from Draconic Evolution

    Ender IO
    Vapor of Levity
    Dew of the Void

    Enviromental Tech
    Everything Tier 2+
    Anything requiring Erodium

    Extra Utilities
    Dragon Egg Mill
    All opinium Cores
    Angel Ring (creative flight)
    Quantum Quarry
    Quintuple Compressed Cobblestone and above

    FTB Quests:
    All Tiers of Loot Crates

    IndustrialCraft 2
    QuantumSuit Parts

    Refined Storage
    64k Storage Part/Disk/Block
    512k Fluid Storage Part/Disk/Block

    Simply jetpacks
    Tier 2 and above

    Anything requiring knowledge
    Flux sponge

    All Energy Collectors
    All versions of the Klein Stars
    Anything requiring Dark & Redmatter (including dark & red matter itself)
    All rings/trinkets/amulets/stones
    Tome of Knowledge

    Quantum Storage
    Quantum Storage/Fluid Disks
    Quantum Battery

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