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~Invalid Soft adjustments

Discussion in 'Monetization Suggestions' started by Rohen, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Rohen

    Rohen The beemaster

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    12:56 PM
    Suggestion Title:
    Soft adjustments
    Short Description:
    Remove godmode and replace credits with a Steam-like wallet system.
    Long Description:
    1. "/god" + "/PvP on" is the only thing that granta advantage over others and cannot be achieved on most of the servers. Can possible be just restricted to servers with Avaritia.
    2. The issue with soft currency is the fact that the seller is abstracting the value of the product. Therefore, it's deemed a predatory/unjust practice, and the fact that the seller is often giving some kind of bonus to the buyer for buying a lot of it. However, replacing credits with a "deposit" in euros should be fine. This should include:
    -Changing all credit prices on items to be in Cents.
    -Removing credit purchases.
    -Adding options to deposit certain amounts of money, like on Steam.
    -Making tiers buyable with deposited money.
    -Changing the current credit value on peoples accounts to their balance, divided by the price of the cheapest kit, multiplied by the new price of the kit and rounded to only have two numbers after the dot.
    -Making the money depot earned from reviews "kit-locked".​
  2. Slind

    Slind Founder

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    12:56 PM
    Unfortunately all the other stuff like /home, /tp, /enderchest, /workbench are listed as not allowed, too. Therefor everything besides cosmetics.
    Unfortunately this puts us in the place were we would need to take care of money laundry laws (a deposit can be withdrawn), which we can't at this size.

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