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~Invalid Some minor ideas

Discussion in 'Monetization Suggestions' started by StonebayKyle, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. StonebayKyle

    StonebayKyle Well-Known Member

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    Suggestion Title:
    Some minor ideas
    Short Description:
    1. Change some of the kits to make them more cosmetic based.
    2. Remove /god or /feed in modpacks that don't have auto feeding.
    3. (Most important) Make those time online based titles actually do something other than bragging rights.
    Long Description:
    1. Change some of the kits to make them more cosmetic based.
    As of currently kits are giving people resources, items, etc. Instead, make kits have cosmetic or good looking blocks, have some titles in the modpacks that have these (the ones that go below your nametag) in the kit, also available for the average player, things like that.
    2. Remove /god or /feed in modpacks that don't have auto feeding.
    /feed is likely fine for modpacks that have auto feeding machines, like the baconator, etc, or other items that auto feed you. /god is likely OP, so either make it accessable to the average player, or remove it and replace it with another form of armor or something.
    3. Make those time online based titles actually do something other than bragging rights. (My best idea)
    Currently, all you get for playing many, many hours on the server is titles. I personally enjoy these and give me some sort of indication of experience and proof of work, and I'm glad they're here, but they're not enough if you want to keep donator perks that give advantages. I say, after a few days or so of playtime, you start earning more things than just titles. You may earn commands like /feed, or /god at immortal rank, or earlier you may be able to set another home, or shorten teleportation times and confirmation (in order for this to have value you'll need to increase default times.) Let donators keep /nick, since that's cosmetic, but if that's not acceptable then give it to people with really high play times. Maybe even give some kits that are more than just cosmetic, in order to keep non-cosmetic donator kits in the game, as long as they're reasonable. You will have to do this for every perk that is not cosmetic and you want to keep in the donator pool. Lets say that you donate, and then you keep playing because you love the server, maybe increase the value of the already given playtime based perks. This will not only respect the terms that Mojang gave you, keep the ability to have non-cosmetic ranks, and also give an incentive to new players to keep playing, and donate in the future.

    A side note:

    I love this server a lot, I've spent many, many hours online, across multiple MyM servers. I have not donated, but am considering it. Just make sure to:

    DO NOT switch management if things get bad. I've played on many servers, and when they're crashing, they often resort to handing the server to someone else. Every single time I've seen this, the server always crashes. Sometimes slowly, sometimes immediately. Everyone stops playing, advertising stops, and poof! There goes the server. A specific example of this is (or was) a server called Tekkit Noodle. On the technic launcher, on the tekkit classic modpack, this server had 50+ people online at all times during popular timezones. Then, they switched management. Over the course of a few months, they stopped supporting the server, things like spawn became griefable, nobody was monitoring the rules, plugins were removed, everyone with a donator rank completely lost it.

    I am worried that this will happen to MyM if management is changed. So please, even if this will reduce risk, don't sell the server to some other group of people.

    This community is the best I've ever seen. I've never had any such as great experiences on vanilla or modded as I have on this server. You have so many modpacks, an entire launcher to host almost all of your modpacks on, etc. Please do not give up. Keep fighting to keep this server alive.

    Thank you for everything that you have done for me, and everyone else loving and dedicated to this server. My stats are in the file attachment, as to show you my dedication and love.

    Stay strong,
    StonebayKyle 2017-11-04_14.10.16.
  2. Aidoneus

    Aidoneus Administrator

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    1:54 PM
    1) This could be considered an Advantage as you give players certain access to blocks in the game. So probably not valid
    2) Would still be an advantage to give players /feed regardless of autofeeding machines in the game. We are aware of /god ;)
    3) This I believe we were iffy on.

    Do not worry about the change of management. Currently, we have no intention of this. Thank you for your suggestions.

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