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Some mods you might like [1.12.2]

Discussion in 'Community Talk' started by SanndyTheManndy, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. SanndyTheManndy

    SanndyTheManndy The Sanndy formerly known as Warlock

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    3:27 AM
    I've been looking for quality of life mods for minecraft 1.12.2. Below are those which I found most interesting. More recommendations are most welcome, since I'm planning on making a vanilla++ modpack.
    • Antique Atlas
    • AppleSkin
    • Better Portals
    • Better placement
    • Better Portals
    • CarryOn
    • Chunk Animator
    • Dynamic Surroundings
    • Effortless Building
    • grapple
    • Inventory tweaks
    • Mouse tweaks
    • Iron Backpacks
    • Quark
    • Quark Oddities
    • Recurrent Complex
    • Worley Caves
    I'd like to know about the community's thoughts on these mods, and suggestions for similar ones.
  2. AyeItsKatieMC

    AyeItsKatieMC Well-Known Member

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    5:57 PM
    Well depends on your taste in mods if your interested in magic style mods I would give Astral Sorcery a try as its quite fun.
  3. Willshaper

    Willshaper Moderator Patron Tier 3

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    11:57 PM
    Here are some i would add to a vanilla++ style pack:

    If you want a bit of tech, then i'd highly recommend Immersive Engineering. That would fit perfectly into vanilla++
    For a bit of magic, I'd add either Botania, Astral Sorcery, or both.
  4. Matryoshika

    Matryoshika Consultant

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    11:57 PM
    Sorry, no links, but all of these are on CurseForge, and for 1.12
    • AI Improvements (Not as needed nowadays as most fixes have been added to base Forge; Optimizes entity AI's)
    • Ambient Environment (randomized shading of the surface; Makes nature look a bit more natural)
    • Arcane Archives (A magic-esque storage mod that aims to be on par with AE; Still WIP but functioning low-level storage exists atm; Also goddamn beautiful)
    • Bad Wither No Cookie (Localizes Wither & End Dragon death sounds AKA only hear them if close)
    • Born In A Barn (Fixes some chunkloading issues caused by villages)
    • Chisels & Bits (Gotta feed the micromanaging obsession for aestethics)
    • Fast Leaf Decay (Seriously, should be a vanilla feature by now :/)
    • Friendly Fire (Stops you from hurting pets (cats/wolves etc) with the AoE swings, unless sneaking)
    • Sophisticated Wolves (Overhauls the wolf AI and adds new features)
    • TexFix (Shears off some unneeded data from textures, resulting in slightly less RAM usage; More notable in bigger packs)
    • TidyChunk (cleans up dropped items from a chunk a few second after the chunk is generated; removing dropped saplings, seeds etc)
    • Trade (Trading mod; safer trading by previewing offered items that gets swapped once both parties accept)
    • VanillaFix (Sooo many features, so little space to write. Look it up, it's very nice)

    I see no direct issues with your suggested mods, though I personally abhor Chunk Animator (I just dont 'get' it) but it is ClientOnly so technically optional. :p
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