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Stoneblock 2

Discussion in 'Endgame Items' started by GreyWolf11, Feb 9, 2019.

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    The following items are considered "End Game" and should not be listed on the Market, or traded publicly for. This list may be added to in the future.

    • All Quest Book Items (This includes all chickens, cows, neutronium, Draconic, ProjectE, AE, as well any item for direct quest progression)
    • Crafted Seeds
    • Any Mystical Agriculture essence except Inferium
    • Master Infusion Stone
    • Seed Crux (Needed for nether star and dragon egg seeds)
    • Void Miner Ores ( Litherite, etc)
    • Chaotic Crafting Cores (or everything chaotic)
    • Lootchests
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