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Invalid Tie server play time to kits + you can charge small recurring fee for access if rqd

Discussion in 'Monetization Suggestions' started by golemofstone, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. golemofstone

    golemofstone Well-Known Member

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    Suggestion Title:
    Tie server play time to kits + you can charge small recurring fee for access if rqd
    Short Description:
    If you were to remove the real life cash from kits and tie it to server play time/rank you could keep them, Mojang seems to have an issue with the Paying for perks rather than having the, maybe tie server play time to soft currency and get kits that way or even access kits at certain rank ?
    Nothing in the EULA says you can't charge for access to the server so if you can keep it low enough you retain players and might still have access to kits.
    Sorry for the description mess, i did it as a forum post >.<
    Long Description:
    Hmm, after reading through this with regard EULA most of the "Issues" Mojang have is the fact that servers are charging real life cash for kits etc.. As BookerTheGeek states..

    After also reading through this Let's talk server monetisation - the follow-up Q+A
    I picked up on a few points.

    Can I sell “kits” for hard currency if I provide a balanced alternative for non-paying users?
    If the “kits” contain gameplay-affecting features they are not allowed. Gameplay balance is not relevant to the EULA. If the items included in the kit are purely cosmetic, you can charge real money/hard currency.

    Can I charge for access to my server?
    Yes. How players join a server is up to you. Single entrance fees or subscriptions are both allowed.

    How often am I allowed to charge players to access my server?
    You can charge players as regularly as you like. You can even charge for timed access if you think it’s the best way to monetise your server.

    So can I charge for my minigames or mods?
    Yes, so long as all players on your server have access to the features.

    So maybe if we were to charge a minimal fee for server access, and tie the kits to server rank (Play time) some how we could still have kits as they're no longer pay to play you would now gain access to them through play time on the server, once you hit a certain rank you would get access to say /kit mobdrops etc as no real life cash is used to get the kit it would seem to clear this problem Remember the key phrase in the EULA is "sell “kits” for hard currency"

    Can I charge for access to server commands?
    Yes, as long as their effects are purely cosmetic. Commands that affect gameplay, such as a command to fly, cannot be sold for hard currency.

    As most of the available commands can be covered by modded items i.e ring of nutrition, certain armours that give flight etc.. losing command access is less of an issue tbh

    I know this still sucks but just trying to think of a way to retain kit access and also generate revenue for the continued upkeep/development of the network.

    Anyway this is just my humble suggestion hope theres something in there that will be of benefit to the community​
  2. Slind

    Slind Founder

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    10:21 PM
    We need a ways to collect enough money to keep the servers rolling. While we can provide all the perks for free, this won't cover the costs.

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