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New Profile Posts

  1. SparedPumpkins
    Contrary to what MYM is saying, I'm not from the US.
  2. Soxasora
  3. Lady_of_the_Lake
    Lady_of_the_Lake MrR20
    Furthermore staff exchanged one of ur emc links earlier this week too and left a sign with that msg. that sign had been removed too. I put it back in the chest. I hope u don't mind me keeping an eye on ur things.
    1. MrR20
      On my way online.... Your a dear friend. Ty.
      Jul 5, 2024
  4. Lady_of_the_Lake
    Lady_of_the_Lake MrR20
    Hey MrR, I just did a check on ur void base since I noticed earlier this week that it wasn't claimed and I was keeping an eye on it and I just noticed ur EMC tablet has disappeared. And since server said ur was last seen 5 days ago I'm guessing u might have been grieved.
  5. TheFenrirulfr
    Employed as an Electrician
  6. ViesSPR
    ViesSPR WishMage
    "HE'S ALIVE" - The Twilight Zone
  7. MintiPi
  8. Bronze_IV
    IGN: CopperCack
  9. MaskdChaos
    Tis I Webnix
  10. BenOwnsYOU
  11. _EHOT_Beach_
    im from Qazaqstan
  12. SovereignEternal
    SovereignEternal Gabezetrainboy4
    He's back! Kind of... Lurking... In the shadows...
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  13. SovereignEternal
    SovereignEternal SparedPumpkins
    You're purple! Are you choking?
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    2. SparedPumpkins
      Not any more. :-)
      Jan 17, 2024
    3. SovereignEternal
      Well, I'd hope you weren't choking that long, you'd be like some sort of immortal. Also, didn't realize you were Polish...
      Jan 23, 2024
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  14. MaskdChaos
    I am the danger that flaps in the dark!
  15. Ermais
    Ermais InsaniumIV
    me and insanium have bad blood
  16. Ermais
    "Things of that nature"
  17. SovereignEternal
    SovereignEternal iLuxxy
    +20 points for being extra awesome
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  18. iLuxxy
    iLuxxy Aidoneus
    +10 points for being awesome.
  19. MaidBelfast
    MaidBelfast MomartikPSITIME
    Add me please

  20. MaidBelfast