Ignorance of the rules is no excuse!

In other words, if you do not bother to read the rules, you accept that you will still be punished for breaking them. The punishment for rule-breaking is up to the staff team. The rules may change without consent, but changes will be announced.

§ Playing Together

  • Remain friendly when talking to others.

  • Do not use hate speech or discriminatory language towards someone's race, religion, gender, or identity.

  • Keep political and religious discussions to private chat(s).

  • Insults and/or aggressive behavior towards others will not be tolerated.

  • Do not harass other players for their rule violations. Report rule violations to staff and allow them to handle it.

  • Staff members' decisions are to be respected. We have Appeals and Complaints forums for any issues with staff or their decisions.

  • If you are found to have a negative impact on the MyM community, staff can remove you at their discretion.

  • Player & Item scamming is not tolerated.

  • Impersonating staff members or using staff-like tags in-game, on Discord, or any other MyM Community areas will not be tolerated.

  • Do not build too close to other players. We recommend at least 5 chunks away from their claim border. This leaves room for both to expand their bases. You can identify claim borders by hitting the ground with a stick and chunk borders by pressing F9.

  • Do not bypass PvP restrictions in any way to kill players on PVE servers unless given consent by the player. This includes player traps.

§ Chat

  • Speak only English in the public channels so our Staff may monitor the servers (private chat excluded).

  • Do not use profanity of any kind. Keep the chat PG.

  • Do not post inappropriate links or images.

  • Do not bypass the filter to swear or make inappropriate comments.

  • Advertising other networks, no matter what, is not allowed (ask staff if you are not sure about your advertisement).

  • Spamming in any way is prohibited. This includes repeated requests for items or help.

  • Requests towards moderators or admins need to be submitted via /ticket, forum thread, or a private/direct message in-game (do not private message us on the forums).

  • If the server allows, trading over public channels is to be kept to a minimum and should be done in private messages.

  • No inappropriate usernames, nicknames, item names, structures, or messages on signs. They will be replaced or removed by staff.

  • Do not use excessive caps in public chats.

  • Players may not use MineYourMind controlled platforms to exchange real money or physical goods.

§ Anti-grief

  • Do not enter other people's bases or claims unless you have been permitted to do so by the owner or a member of that claim.

  • Negative behavior such as griefing, stealing, or destroying other player's items/blocks will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

  • Unintentional or accidental griefing is to be reported via /ticket immediately. If possible, place any items in a chest with a sign at a safe place nearby.

  • Structures, chests, animals, and property belonging to other players may not be moved, destroyed, or killed without the owner’s permission.

  • Items that belong to another player may not be destroyed, moved, taken or touched without permission.

  • If you didn’t build it, make it, or place it, don't touch it, even if it looks abandoned. If it is abandoned, please report this with a ticket.

  • Subterranean claims have to be marked on the surface so others don’t accidentally grief you.

  • Mass destruction of the Overworld, or the main End island, is not permitted; this will be dealt with like any other grief.

  • If you trust a player in your claim, you have given your approval for them to access your property to the fullest.

§ Anti-lag

  • Do not pump lava straight from the nether (exception: pumps that replace lava with blocks such as the Ender-Thermic Pump). Use magma crucibles or modpacks that have the “SirWilli” Ender Tank instead.

  • Avoid complex redstone systems. Use mod items to perform redstone functions instead.

  • Avoid Loops in any kind of way (example: electric cable, conduits, pipes connected in a grid pattern). Hint: you can color the cables to prevent them from connecting or use a wrench to separate them.

  • Avoid a high number of items lying on the ground. Always build some sort of overflow collection to mod grinders. A trash can on a pipe with a lower priority than the storage is a simple solution.

  • Do not overstate! This is a multiplayer environment and not a single-player space where no one else is affected by your actions. Overstating generally means using too many setups to accomplish a task faster. I.e. 200 neutron Collectors (if in doubt ask a member of staff).

  • If you cost the server too many resources (TPS) MyM staff will not hesitate to undo your work without notice and are not required to give blocks back.

§ Environment | World

  • Trees should be chopped down entirely and replanted in all worlds that do not have a weekly or monthly reset. World reset information can be found here.

  • If you build a frame (to build something bigger), or a ladder (to reach something higher/lower) outside of your claim, you must remove it afterward unless the world resets.

  • If you decide to move your base, you are required to take down your old one if it’s not being used; for larger builds you can put in a ticket for staff to regenerate the area back to default.

  • Resources are to be mined in the Farmworld and other farming worlds (i.e hunting dim, deep dark, etc.) to keep the Overworld from being destroyed. Mining the Overworld can be considered world destruction and is punishable.

§ Economy

  • Unbalanced market prices, whether they are too high or too low, will result in your items being removed from the market.

  • No drop parties. No giving away items to players without prior permission or request.

  • Keep trading in public chat to a minimum.

§ Client-Modification and Cheating

  • Mods, Texture Packs, or similar that would give you an advantage (like X-Ray and Fly-Mods/Hacks) are strictly forbidden.

  • Bypassing server functions and restrictions, e.g. avoiding AFK-kick with an anti-AFK machine, will not be tolerated.

§ Server

  • No item refunds! There are some exceptions made when the loss is due to staff error.

  • Having multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage over other players and/or using one to bypass a ban is not permitted.

  • Abusing bugs or unintended exploits will result in an immediate ban. If you find a bug or exploit, report it to the private bug report section of the forums.

  • No unintended item duplication methods. If found, post to the private bug report section of the forums.

§ Inactivity

  • Claims, Tardis, Islands, and Quest books are all subject to inactivity resets/deletions after 2 weeks unless you have a rank that says otherwise or you have used the /absence command which extends the reset timer for you. If you are unable to set an absence yourself one can be requested under the corresponding support forum or on discord.

  • Players trusted in a base, or claim, can request a transfer of the ownership in the last 7 days before claim resets.

  • We will refund your base once if you lost your base due to inactivity. Any further restores can be purchased from the shop for a small fee.