What is the income used for?

  • Hardware (e.g. Servers, Backup-Storage).
  • Software (e.g. Forum, Plugins).
  • Donations to developers.
  • Rescue pot (a pot we keep to be able to run for about 3 months without income).
  • Custom development.
  • Taxes (unlike most other servers of our size, we are registered and pay taxes).
  • Accountant and tax consultants.

Advantage | Pay2Win?

All our tiers and kits are designed to make the life of our sponsors a bit easier in order to give them a reason to sponsor. We are not a fan of pay2win but still have to pay our bills, which is why we don't sell op perks like creative on survival servers and why perks like God Mode don't work on pvp servers. The kits are designed to save about 3-4 hours of playtime to gather the basics but don't give any end game content.


The tier ranks are available on all servers but differ on some of them. Tiers are lifetime and can be upgraded at any time.


The credits can be used in game to purchase kits and claim blocks. They can accessed with the command /shop.


The patron rank is available on all servers with the same perks. Patron is a subscription rank and will be removed after a month if not renewed.

Server Upgrades

Server Upgrades are activatable perks which will be active for a specific duration and for all players on the server where it has been activated.

Base Restorations

If you lost your base through inactivity, you can get it restored.
Click here to see your options. Only applies to Minecraft servers
running 1.7.10 or 1.12.2.