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New Profile Posts

  1. dragon87tamer
  2. EineReporterin_
    No f’s given ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ
  3. Cubelex_YT
  4. aNeXia_Extreme
    wish i could play project ozone 2
  5. Cubelex_YT
  6. HyperNovaPvP
    HyperNovaPvP Aidoneus
    Also my username cannot be changed through Mojang. Thanks to the slipped fake email verification process. Its is locked forever. P.S Sorry if it is a waste of time on your part. But it is a waste of time on mine, thanks to your moderators for putting me through this. I will figure out who did this, if they speak of it again.
  7. HyperNovaPvP
    HyperNovaPvP Aidoneus
    Part two. However you should know that I have played this server for the past 3+ years and I really do not want the blame put on me from your moderators. It is rude and invasion of my account and unsourced info on my account.
  8. HyperNovaPvP
    HyperNovaPvP Aidoneus
    Hello, I have been flagged advertising and its a possible ban. However my username is the reason of advertising and never advertised in chat for the past few days. As well, I looked up my username on various websites for servers and ownerships, and the sources never existed.
  9. PotatoWithHat
    PotatoWithHat MrR20
    Still very empty here
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  10. ggkhs
    ggkhs Punane
    Did you know vampires aren't real?

    Unless you Count Dracula.
    1. SanndyTheManndy
      People have been staked for less
      Nov 4, 2019
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  11. vincezo85
    vincezo85 Jitrid
    hi you about to talk about an issue
    1. Jitrid
      Sure! Contact me on Discord or via Private forum message! :)
      Nov 2, 2019
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  12. vincezo85
    vincezo85 Wise22wise
    you about to talk about an issue
    1. Wise22wise
      Nope, just hanging around.
      Nov 2, 2019
  13. SanndyTheManndy
    SanndyTheManndy wyndman
    Congratulations! You've covered a distance of 942,000,000 kilometers!
  14. Patrick121
  15. Patrick121
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    2. XoCynner
      Oct 29, 2019
  16. Patrick121
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    2. chaseB2
      Oct 29, 2019
  17. Patrick121
  18. Patrick121
  19. Patrick121
  20. EineReporterin_
    (( _ _ ))..zzzZZ