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New Profile Posts

  1. Raptorpea
    Raptorpea Moomers
    when the moom moos
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    2. Moomers
      Then its party time :D
      Sep 27, 2020 at 11:33 AM
  2. deepcage
    deepcage ElectricLemonade
  3. deepcage
    deepcage Webnix
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  4. deepcage
    deepcage dragon87tamer
    Here's a free forum notification for ya Dragon, gave one to @Willshaper and @LadyRen13 as well. Enjoy your day.
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  5. deepcage
    deepcage Willshaper
    Here's a Forum Notification for you as well. Cant just give one to @LadyRen13 alone :D
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  6. deepcage
    deepcage LadyRen13
    Looks like a new forum notification has been due for a while, have one from me :D
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  7. Moomers
  8. undeadcrepper
  9. Shizucc
    Shizucc Chemicalash
    My guy, you just up and disappeared! Well im not gonna let that happen on my watch, come back whenever, yeah?
  10. Shizucc
    Shizucc Wyvern__
    Hey wyv, i got rid of my gravestone in your new spawn. Will you ever forgive me?
    1. Wyvern__
      No. How dare you. Those who perish there shall remain there
      Sep 18, 2020
  11. deepcage
    deepcage Dead_0nArrival
    Red looks good on you, makes your eyes stand out even more. Congratulations, you have entered into legend with other names like Jitrid, Wyndman, Kronnn, and i forgot the rest! Now dont ban me please!
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  12. deepcage
    deepcage chaseB2
    Have a free Forum Notification. Welcome back chase!
  13. Gabezetrainboy4
    Gabezetrainboy4 Dead_0nArrival
    I must say red fits ya, Congratz on Admin!
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  14. Gabezetrainboy4
    Gabezetrainboy4 NotSoProG
    Moderator Time! Oh yea baby!
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    2. NotSoProG
      You know it thanks for all your help dude.
      Sep 13, 2020
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  15. SteamPunk_Kayla
    SteamPunk_Kayla Aidoneus
    hello I was gone for a while and my is got deleted? I was wondering who I needed to talk to about getting it back?
    I claimed the free Is restore and put in the location to put it back to but I don't have my old is location anymore
    1. Aidoneus
      Sep 8, 2020
    2. SteamPunk_Kayla
      I claimed it and added where my Is is now but I don't have my old IS location
      Sep 8, 2020
  16. LordEreh
    When you waste time to automate things you probably can do that thing same time...
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    3. Gabezetrainboy4
      Eh, not so much a downside if you want parallel crafting for each liquid type (ender, glowstone, redstone, and cryo). For simplicity's sake, 4 sets are optimal
      Sep 6, 2020
    4. LordEreh
      Kinda but you dont have control on amount of liquid you make - there could be a Time you run out for cryo e.g and system wont knew that and keep trying to make stuff and Will forever hang but i think theres a Way to tell system to craft at atleast 1 stack of item and keep it all the time
      Sep 6, 2020
    5. Gabezetrainboy4
      Well for that reason I have a crafting card on my interface that provides the cryo, as well as an intermediate drum as a buffer between the crucibles and the transposers.
      Sep 6, 2020
  17. LadyRen13
  18. Wyvern__
    Wyvern__ dubhnoir
    I dare you to participate in the bteam spawn building contest! ^^
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    2. dubhnoir
      God no I'm so bad at building XD
      Sep 5, 2020
  19. Wyvern__
    Hyped for the B-team spawn building contest! I'll try my best
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  20. brandonlk
    Lurkin' Around