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Discussion in 'Jobs' started by dubhnoir, Oct 25, 2023.

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    Greetings Minecraft Enthusiast,

    Are you enchanted by the art of Minecraft building? Does your creative spark ignite with every block placed? Do you possess the spirit of a MyM Builder? We certainly hope so! MineYourMind is on a mission to broaden our community's horizons and foster creativity. We're a forward-moving force, and there's no halting our momentum. Our aspirations reach for the sky, and we invite you to help us ascend. We seek a collective of individuals eager to unleash their creativity and showcase the essence of our community to the world!

    • Collaborate closely with the Community Coordinator Staff Team.
    • Engage in Build Team events whenever feasible.
    • Attend meetings with the Build Team when required.
    • Employ your imaginative prowess and concepts to propel the growth of the MyM Network.
    • Be an active presence within the community. We encourage you to mingle and build relationships, if that aligns with your inclination.
    • Foster a joyful environment for players.
    • Exemplify respect and courtesy as a representative of the MyM Network.
    • Project a mature demeanor and behavior (Ideally, candidates should be at least 14 years of age, though younger players demonstrating maturity will also be considered).
    • Possess a fundamental grasp of the building process (spawns, events, etc.).
    • Exhibit strong social and interpersonal skills: effective communication, empathy, self-assuredness, trustworthiness, self-discipline, conflict resolution skills, assertiveness, openness to criticism, curiosity, and creativity.
    • Command a proficient level of English in reading and writing.
    • Showcase a track record of inventive builds.
    • Demonstrate the ability to thrive in a team-oriented environment.
    • Understand that most (though not all) builds will be spawns for new server releases, necessitating a swift turnaround (usually 4-7 days).
    • Be available and reliable in your participation with the Build Team.
    • Embrace the opportunity to give back to the community and aid in our continued growth!
    • Unlock the potential of your creative ideas within Modded Minecraft and building aesthetics.
    • Experience the privilege of contributing to the most progressive Modded Minecraft community worldwide!
    • Gain valuable experience to bolster your resume.
    How to Apply:
    Please complete the application form found below. Kindly reflect before you submit; once sent, you won't have the option to edit or view responses. Please allow up to 1 weeks for a final decision on your application. We'll notify you via Private Message on the forums, so keep an eye out! Providing detailed information greatly assists our decision-making process.

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