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Open Dj2 Dimension Building Alternative

Discussion in 'Divine Journey 2' started by LordOfTheSeasons, Mar 7, 2022.


Should This Be Implemented

  1. Yes

    15 vote(s)
  2. No

    2 vote(s)
  1. LordEreh

    LordEreh There are only 2 Patron Tier 3

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    1:20 AM
    Yes, but actually no.

    OK simple example - UU matter, to make one you need 1M EU or less but scrap needed, its balanced just need the time and fuel to make BUT imagine the RFtool dimension that generates lakes/oceans of UU matter! BAM! Bigg boost to progression, you can make ,ore stuff faster.
    Disabling the dimension in many cases breaks the intended by author pack progression(but thats the mostly fault of author not considering pack working on multiplayer).

    You said that packs require players to wait - then why I remember MyM reduced amount of singularities needed to make stuff in avaritia?
    I am 99% it was done in PO 2/3? Kappa

    I jsut checked - the rftools dim is chapter 27 but chapter 28 is project E so infinite EMC stuff and chapter 29 is creative items...
  2. IsHayden

    IsHayden Patron Tier 3 Patron Tier 1

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    4:20 PM
    These quests don't require you to make dimensions, they intend for you to make dimensions to mass-produce the materials that would otherwise be problematic.
    While this is true the pack intends for you to create dimensions for hard-to-mass produce materials. Later we will have access to EMC as a substitute for most of these materials; refined coralium, for example, does not have EMC and will have to be processed the normal way.

    Not saying this is that big of an issue, but just because they aren't explicitly mentioned in a quest doesn't dismiss the fact that other fluids could've been produced by a dimension lmao
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2022
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  3. SovereignEternal

    SovereignEternal Senior Moderator

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    4:20 PM
    You make a fair point here, I must confess.
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