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New Enigmatica 2 Expert Server Update and Reset

Discussion in 'Server Info' started by Gabezetrainboy4, Oct 14, 2021.

  1. Gabezetrainboy4

    Gabezetrainboy4 Administrator

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    3:41 PM
    Server address
    Curseforge Launcher - MYM Launcher

    Pack Version: 1.83

    Node 2 Launch Time
    Everyone: NOW

    Node 1 Shutdown
    Wednesday, October 20


    It's that time again! The good old Enigmatica 2 Expert server is going to get a long needed reset.

    Our current E2E server has been running since 2018, and that shows when you go exploring around the world. Fortunately, after around a year since the last update to the pack, the author has decided to grace us with a new release, with fixed world generation (Hello Jungles!) and various bug fixes.

    Thus, we thought that now would be a great time to give the good old server a reset.
    Pack Description

    Enigmatica 2: Expert is an expert questing modpack for Minecraft 1.12 with over 650 quests to guide you along the way.
    The goal of the pack is to complete the Bragging Rights questline - Crafting one of every craftable creative item.​


    • Gated progression - At every Technology and Magic tier you'll have the choice between several different mods to progress through, ultimately achieving the top-tier materials required for the end-game.
    • Quests! There are currently over 650 quests, that guide you through the progression.
    • Tougher mobs, dragons, sea serpents, zombies with quantum armor, and many more unique threats to make the exploration playstyle more interesting, and rewarding.
    • Space exploration - you'll have the opportunity to explore various worlds.
    With this modpack being labeled as 'Expert', you can expect tons and tons of custom recipes, increasing the lifespan of your playthrough.

    • Tech: Mekanism, Applied Energistics, NuclearCraft, Thermal Expansion, Ender IO, Immersive Engineering.
    • Magic: Astral Sorcery, Thaumcraft, Botania, Blood Magic, Psi.
    • Adventure: Twilight Forest, RFTools Dimensions and custom planets & solar systems.
    • Building: Chisels & Bits, Chisel, Building Gadgets, BiblioCraft, ArchitectureCraft, BlockCraftery.
    World Downloader

    Players may download their claims off the current server with World Downloader to continue in single-player. Any claims not downloaded before the server shutdown will be lost forever, so make sure to preserve your work.

    If you have items on the old node that you would like transferred to Node 2, please respond below with your IGN and a list of your items for confirmation.
    As this pack is a 1.12 server, this pack is still highly experimental.​
  2. Willfon

    Willfon Moderator

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    12:41 AM
    Just to clarify:

    When you say we can transfer items, you of course mean we can transfer a suitably large list of singular items and not in the form:
    My two diamonds backpacks which just so happen to contain a gzipped base in a dismantled AE system?

    Asking the difficult questions, so you don't have to.
  3. Gabezetrainboy4

    Gabezetrainboy4 Administrator

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    3:41 PM
    We move over your player.dat files, which contains your inventory, health level, armor, flight, among other things. We encourage you to list your items in the case of a botched transfer.
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  4. Willfon

    Willfon Moderator

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    12:41 AM


    Oh no, the launcher updated my client to the latest version of Enigmatica and now I can't save my base!

    Yes, it is not a cheap introduction, it really did happen to me, so here are a few simple steps to what you need to do:

    What you need is some sort of a launcher, like MultiMC or GDLauncher, that can import a curseforge pack. here you want to import Enigmatica2Expert mode version 1.82a:

    You will also want to download the World Downloader mod, which is included in the MYM launcher, but if you have read this far, you don't have that. So what you want is the 1.12.2 version 2.2.0.

    Place that in the mod folder and off you go. Oh, but remember to set your RAM to something suitable like max 8 GB.

    Stand in the middle of your base and use
    /wd add radius 10

    This will add anything in a 10 chunk radius. I had only a compact base so I got away with /wd add radius 3.

    After that you download the result with
    /wd dl my_saved_base

    Last but not least:
    host: enigmatica.mym.li

    Anyways, good luck, have fun!
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2021
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  5. DarkKnight2107

    DarkKnight2107 Well-Known Member

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    12:41 AM

    I'm a French player. I played on E2E for several weeks some months ago.
    I connect myself each month to preserve the protection of my main base.
    I was waiting to see the reset to download my base.
    But if I understand right, you don't give the map file but only the player's claim.
    And this possibility last only 6 days ?
    So if I'm right, my base is delete right now and impossible for me to save it or to take the map save because it's not shared ?

    Thanks in advance for the answer

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