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Minecraft new features and moreTM

Discussion in 'Community Talk' started by Datsaltysnek, Aug 11, 2023.

  1. Datsaltysnek

    Datsaltysnek lover of NCIS

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    11:29 PM
    Hi I am making this thread to help players both new and old to the recent changes in java starting with 1.18 currently mainly the "Fog" on some of the servers. See in 1.18 Java edition added "simulation distance" it's kind of like render distance but it says to the game "hey only x within say 12 chunks of the player can be updated" this is very nice to have say on a single player world where you only want to have a certain amount of the area around you being loaded (for like mob farms ect.] On multiplayer servers this can help server admins reduce any internal stress on the machines while keeping the server tps smooth and happy. Also in 1.18 (starting with 1.17) world generation got a massive overhaul increased world height and depth in addtion to the new expance of cave and mountin areas to explore and build at. Now in 1.19 the Marsh biome was added filled with Mangrove trees and Froges (all hail the mighty Froge) and a expance of new block types for builders and a popular places for slimes to spawn i guess to (that is a hint for some packs if not all that use biomes of plenty as far as i aware of swamps didnt spawn any slimes for me but your mileage may vary immensely. Now for the latest versions 1.20 and 1.20.1 This added the armor trims and my new personality Cherry Blossoms trees. Armor trims are now needed to get netherite armor and tools only found in specific chests mainly Bastons and they are a one time use item but there is recipies in game for "duping" them (turns one into two) but at a semi high cost so if your on a server with this feature please keep that in mind for your fellow players.
    Now i know this was a very very shallow poke into the new features but I just wanted to make this quick and not very heavy if you have any other features you would like people to know please put them in a reply <3. Hope you all enjoy your time on MYM
    Snake Valor
  2. osirisgothra

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    Make sure you pick up quite a few mangrove saplings in the swamps (packs with ex nihilo you have to use mud to get them), because you get sometimes less than one sapling per tree, but like all vanilla saplings, botania can transform them for you to the next one down the line (they have been added). And who thinks we should agree to pretend versions above 1.20 don't exist. ;P ?

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