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The VH Skyblock Guide

Discussion in 'Tutorials, Tips and Tricks' started by Chetwynd, Nov 13, 2023.

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    Been a while since I posted any guides

    This is just a rough start for how to begin VH and I will continue to add more to this during my play and when I have some time!

    Firstly, When you join the server you can choose your difficulty at spawn.

    There is 6 different difficulties you can pick from.

    Quoted from Aidoneus in the discord:

    Piece of Cake = 0.25x HP/Damage
    Easy = 0.5x HP/Damage
    Normal = 0.75x HP/Damage
    Hard = 1x HP/Damage
    Impossible = 2x HP/Damage
    Fragged = 4x Damage / 2x HP

    When picking your difficulty you should consider the fact there is no natural healing inside vaults like there is normally when you play minecraft. The only way to heal in the vaults is Potions/Heal ability.

    You start with a quest book in your inventory, this will provide minor milestones and some various rewards to help you along your journey.
    I suggest keeping an eye on it and following it the best you can.

    You start on a small island with a portal made from vault stone and a budding crystal.
    This crystal will continue to grow while you are online and playing. From what I have read from the VH discord and other players, this crystal will grow faster while you are in a vault.

    The fully grown crystal looks like the one you can see ontop of the crystal in the image below.
    Harvesting this will give you a Raw/Resource Vault Crystal. Right clicking this on the portal will open up a Raw/Resource Vault for you to enter.

    These Raw/Resource vaults are exclusive to VH Skyblock as they are how you get all the starting items to begin.

    Upon entry of this vault your aim will be to progress through vanilla Minecraft while gathering resources you consider useful. Ideally you will want to gather Diamonds, Chromatic Iron, Obsidian/Lava, Water, Dirt and any other blocks/items you feel will aid you in your adventures.

    Take your time and gather what you can.

    Its important to know that alot of the map features are disabled in the vault. You wont be able to waypoint or open up the larger map.
    Its suggested to get some blocks to mark your way through as the only way back out these vaults is to go through the portal you entered in.

    This is an ore room, You will find modded ores inside one of these, or just chromatic ore with some vault stone. For your first few vaults you will be wanting to find a chromatic version of this room.

    Other things you will be looking out for are little POI's
    Like the one above. There will be a spawner, But this will spawn a set amount of mobs then vanish.
    Inside the chests there will be a few resources to assist you.
    Inside these Raw/Resource Vaults your not going to find anything massively interesting inside these vaults. But its useful to get started anyway.

    If you find a room with a crane, you will be able to locate multiple ores through the hole in the middle. This is a good way to get started with the vanilla ores and create some better tools.

    This lovely looking thing is a flesh chest, inside it you will find passive/hostile mob drops.

    There is multiple other chests you should look out for while you are in the vaults, each containing their own loot pool of items.
    Using JEI you can view how to gain an item, and if it is obtainable via chest loot, it will tell you what chest provides it, and what level it starts appearing.
    Some items are locked behind your vault level.

    After 1 or two vaults you should find you have levelled up at least once. This provides you with some skill points.
    These can be used in either the Abilities Tab or the Talents Tab (You can access this screen by pressing H as the default key)

    The abilities tab are skills you can activate through keybinds, while the talents are passive upgrades with don't need you to trigger them, they are either constantly active or will activate on chance.
    The first ability I highly suggest getting is the heal ability. Due to lack of natural healing in vaults you will find that ability saves your life many times.

    Next up the Expertise tab,
    You gain a Expertise point every 5 levels.
    Each of these have various skills that change some of the mechanics and provide a bonus better then the talents tab.

    Once you have a few levels and a bunch of resources you will start to notice your not getting much XP from the Raw/Resource vaults anymore.
    Now its time to start moving onto the more fun vaults.
    You will want to make a Vault Altar
    Upon placing this you will want to insert a Vault Crystal into it.
    The Chipped rock used in this recipe is gained from breaking Vault Stone inside of vaults (Without Silk Touch)
    Once you have put the crystal into the vault altar it will display 4 items and an amount for each that need to be provided. Just throw them items at the altar (All items should be obtainable via raw/resource vaults)
    These items will change everytime, and the quantity will increase the more crystals you make, so its worth making farms for the items you can.

    Once all the items are inside the altar you can then provide a redstone signal to the altar (I personally just put a button on the altar)

    It will then consume the items and provide you with a finished vault crystal.

    Using this crystal will open a new vault for you.
    The Vaults from these crystals will have objectives for you to complete depending on your level. Completing these objectives will provide you with a completion crate for that objective and a bunch of bonus XP. Its worth noting you can leave the vault before you finish the objective, but it your wont get any bonus rewards.

    Otherwise the reward crate will just be thrown on the floor, and in some cases depending on how you built your island could be thrown straight of the edge into the void.

    • Lvl 0-9: Monolith
    • Lvl 10-19: Monolith, Elixir Rush
    • Lvl 20-49: Monolith, Elixir Rush, Scavenger Hunt
    • Lvl 50+: Monolith, Elixir Rush, Scavenger Hunt, Hunt the Guardians
    Monolith vaults require you to find some campfire looking things through the vault. It will display how many you need at the top of the screen.
    They will become lit, once you activate them. Once all are activated the objective will change to Exit the Vault, Where you need to leave through the portal you came in.

    Elixir Vaults will display a progress bar at the top of your screen

    As it states, all you have to do is loot the vault normally until the bar is full, once it is full the objective will change to Consume a loadstone.
    (I don't currently have a picture of a loadstone, but its this purple floating thing through the vault) Right clicking that will complete the vault and start a count down till it takes you back to your island.

    Scav Vaults,

    These are a little bit of a difficulty to complete most the time (In my opinion)
    At the top of your screen it will display a bunch of items you need to find, with how you find them.
    Using the above screenshot, Drowned Hide from Living Chests, Mob Essence from Mobs, Zombie Hide from Wooden Chests, Spider Soul from Guilded.

    All these items must be submitted to a submission point in the vaults,
    (I also dont have a picture of this currently, But its like a pedestal with a green centre, pretty obvious once you see it. )
    You have to right click the items into it. Once all items are submitted the objective is completed and a countdown will start till your returned to your vault.

    Hunt the Guardians,

    I dont actually know much about this one, From my understanding there is a bunch of bosses around the vault, with Obelisks hiding them.

    Hitting Level 20

    Once you hit level 20, there is one major gameplay difference.
    Once you die you actually loose your inventory.

    Now there is one way to regain your inventory, upon death in the vault after level 20 there will be a ghost of yourself on your island.

    If you have made a spirit extractor you can place your ghost onto it, (Pickup with Shift,Right click)

    It will cost gold to retrieve your items. and this amount varies depending on how many times you have revived, and the items you had on you.

    Knowledge Stars

    Knowledge stars are what allow you to unlock mods, They should be your aim once you start entering non raw/resource vaults.

    Knowledge essence can be found in living chests,
    Vault Diamonds in most chests
    And the Vault Ores can be found in ore poi's around the vault.

    And thats all I have for now, Mostly I have been typing this out for a while and I want to take a break, But I will continue to update this with more tips and advice for starting when I can.

    If I missed any useful information that should be included or something is inaccurate let me know and I will sort it!

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