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Done Things are missing

Discussion in 'Enigmatica 2: Expert' started by McGMic, Jan 11, 2022.

  1. McGMic

    McGMic Well-Known Member

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    5:10 AM
    Good afternoon, I haven't been in for a while, and a lot of things have been stolen from me. As I know, you don't seem to be allowed to touch things.

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  2. Gabezetrainboy4

    Gabezetrainboy4 Administrator

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    6:10 PM
    Pinging our @Moderator team to help you with this.
  3. Willfon

    Willfon Moderator

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    3:10 AM
    Ah, this was a forum post as well.

    As I mentioned in the ticket you created, the deleted area follows the chunk lines and seems to be areas automatically deleted as a consequence of your long absence. There are no traces of theft or wilful destruction by any other player on the server.

    What I forgot to mention in the ticket though (and should find that again and add this piece of information there as well), is that there is an option to reclaimed lost chunks. The first time is free, since we all can have an accident, but any following restores do cost a small fee as the restoration requires shutting off the server for a short period.

    The restoration can be ordered on


    as “Inactive Base Restoration (free)


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