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FTB Genesis Modpack

Explore the FTB Genesis Modpack, meticulously crafted by the renowned Feed The Beast team. Join us for an exhilarating adventure filled with exploration, epic boss battles, unique travel options, and a diverse array of magic and tech mods.

For more details, visit FTB Genesis Modpack.

Feed the Beast Server – MineYourMind-Server

Our Genesis Modpack server, hosted by MineYourMind, promises both relaxation and excitement with friends. Prepare for a journey through a vibrant world, courtesy of "Oh The Biomes You'll Go."

Key Features

  • Gather Your Adventurous Friends! Embark on a colorful and wondrous journey with friends.
  • Dive into Enchanted Dungeons! Explore whimsical dungeons and unique structures.
  • Face Formidable Foes! Take on bosses that even the Ender Dragon would admire.
  • Travel in Grandeur! Say farewell to mundane travel and embrace majestic "Mythic Mounts."
  • Tech or Magic, It's Your Call! Ignite your imagination with an array of tech and magic mods.

Download FTB Genesis today and start your adventure!

Server Features

  • Experienced Staff: Our mature and highly experienced admins are here to assist.
  • Global Player Community: Join players from all corners of the world.
  • Low Latency: Our dedicated server in Germany offers a level 3 backbone for low latency worldwide.
  • Data Safety: Hourly backups ensure your progress is secure.
  • Fewer Restrictions: Enjoy fewer banned items and blocks.
  • Per-Player Dimensions: Have your own Dimension to do what you want in!

Automatic Farmworld Resets

On our FTB Genesis server, NOTHING is being reset currently. There are no dimensions that need to be reset due to the nature of the modpack as of right now!