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The recommended/fast way

  1. Download the MineYourMind Launcher
  2. Start the modpack and connect to the listed server
  3. Read (/rules) and accept (/acceptrules) the rules in game
  4. Welcome and have fun ;)

Original Launcher

If you don't want to use our custom Launcher or have issues with it, follow the instructions in the Original Launcher tba for possibly required customizations and the server address of the server.

Note: if you still have problems join us on Discord

MineYourMind Launcher

The MyM Launcher is the most simple and recommended launcher. You simply download it and everything else is already setup for you. We highly recommend the use of the MyM Launcher because it always keeps you up to date with the server, it does include further client side mods which can enhance your gameplay experience, does run smoother for most users and the most important part is that it includes modified recipes (do not appear on the modpack creators launcher).

Special Notes for Mac users.

Download MineYourMind Launcher

Mac OS X and the MyM Launcher

  • Make sure you have Java 7 or 8 installed (Mac only ships with Java 6 by default)
  • Open your system controls and select the java control panel
  • Click on the option that is called "show", "view" or similar (there shouldn't be many)
  • It will show you the installed java version and the path to the location where it is stored
  • Copy this path into the "JVM Path" textbox on the MyMLauncher under "Options.."
  • By default installation of java the path looks like this: (/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/bin/java)
  • You should be able to play modpacks that require java 7, now.


Click on to join our Discord server.

Use the IP to connect to our TeamSpeak 3 server.

Original Launcher

  1. Download the launcher which has the modpack (Twitch Desktop App, FTB AppTechnic Launcher, ATLauncher)
  2. Look for the required modpack version and server address here: Server Addresses
  3. Start the modpack you would like to play
  4. Connect to one of the addresses from step 2
  5. If your game does crash or an error appears, compare the version from the servers motd [1] with the version on the launcher [2]
  6. Read (/rules) and accept (/acceptrules) the rules ingame
  7. Welcome and have fun ;)

Note: if you still have problems join us on Discord