Ignorance is no excuse!

The procedure for breaking rules is up to the server crew.

The rules may change without notice and consent at any time.

§ Playing Together

  • Insults, aggressive behaviour towards others as well as racism will not be tolerated.

  • Try to remain friendly when talking to others.

  • Moderators and Admins (and their opinions) are to be respected.

  • Entering other people’s property is only allowed when the owner has given you the permission to do so.

  • Scamming and artificial inflation is not tolerated.
  • Impersonating Staff members or using Staff like tags in game, on TeamSpeak, or any MyM Community area will not be tolerated.

§ Chat

  • Only english is allowed in the public chat

  • Spaming in any kind of way is prohibited.

  • Trading over a public channel is to be kept at a minimum.

  • Advertising, no matter what, is not allowed.

  • Requests towards moderators or admins have to be submitted via /ticket or a private message.

  • Bugs and griefing (or similar events) do not belong in the chat, use /ticket instead.

§ Anti-grief

  • We don’t argue with griefers (grieferists)

  • Unintentional griefing is to reported via /ticket immediately

  • Negative behaviour (Griefing, Theft...) will not be tolerated

  • Constructions, chests, animals etc. belonging to other players may not be moved or destroyed without the owners permission.

  • Items which obviously belong to another player may not be destroyed or moved without permission.

  • Usage of levers, buttons, beds (etc.) you don’t own isn´t permitted.

  • Subterranean claims have to be marked on the surface.

§ Anti-lag

  • Do not pump lava straight from the nether (Exception: Ender-Thermic Pump), use magma crucibles instead.

  • Avoid complex redstone systems

  • Avoid Loops in any kind of way (example: electric cable, conduits, pipes...) Hint: You can color the cables to prevent them from connecting

  • Avoid high number of items lying on the ground (caused by open  Pipes etc.)

  • Do not overstate, this is a multiplayer environment and not single-player where no one else is affected by your doings.

  • If you cost the server too many resources (CPU) we will not hesitate to undo your work.

§ Environment | World

  • Trees have to be chopped down entirely and replanted.

  • If you build a frame (to build something bigger) you have to remove it afterwards.

  • 1x1 holes, traps and similar ways to kill other players are not allowed in all worlds.

§ Economy

  • Refrain from overly high/low prices

  • Selling and sharing of endgame items is prohibited. (e.g. bedrock tools/armor, tome of sharing, genes/syringes)

§ Client-Modification and Cheating

  • Mods, Texture Packs or similar that would give you an advantage (like X-Ray and Fly-Mods/Hacks) are strictly forbidden.

  • Bypassing server functions and restrictions, for example avoiding AFK-kick with an anti-AFK machine will not be tolerated.

§ Server

  • You will not get lost items back. When they’re gone, they`re gone.

  • Having multiple accounts as well as transferring money to new players for no real reason is not permitted.

  • Abusing bugs or exploits will be prosecuted.

§ Inactivity

  • Claims might disappear after two weeks of inactivity and the ontime ranks after 4 weeks