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Temporary Patron

All information about Patron tiers can be found on the Patron page.
Note: The patron rank won't be extended or reapplied for tier upgrades.


All our ranks are global, this means you have them on all our current servers, but the perks might vary from server to server in order to fit the modpack and setup.

Price*0 €5 €10 €25 €50 €80 €
PerksDefaultTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5
Temporary Patron1)

Get one of the Patron tiers for up to 4 months starting with the tier purchase.

 Patron T1
for 1 Month
Patron T2
for 1 Month
Patron T2
for 2 Months
Patron T3
for 2 Months
Patron T3
for 4 Months

Bonus claim chunks added to your FTB Chunks account.

Home Points

Available home points to set.

Teleport Cooldown Bypass

No teleport cooldown (teleport delay is something else)


Use color codes in chat and on signs

Mobile Enderchest

Access to your vanilla Enderchest on the fly via. /enderchest

Mobile Crafting Table

Access to a regular crafting table on the fly via. /crafting

Mobile Stonecutter

Access to a stonecutter table on the fly via. /stonecutter

Mobile Smithing Table

Access to a smithing table on the fly via. /smithing

Mobile Anvil

Access to an anvil on the fly via. /anvil

Back Command

Gives you access to the /back command which brings you back to the latest location (before last teleport).

Back on Death

Use the /back command on death to get your death location


Fly like in creative mode. Enable and disable it with /fly


Heal yourself with /heal

God Mode

Access to god mode via. /god

Compass Teleport

Use a compass to teleport/jump around and through walls in your environment


1) The patron rank is only given for the first tier purchase and not tier upgrades.

We keep the right to change any tier at any time in range and cost without any announcement and approval. If you cost the server any harm with your tiers perks, we have the right to revoke them.