About Us


Welcome to MineYourMind, a distinguished modded Minecraft server network founded in early 2012. Our mission is to provide an immersive, multiplayer experience by hosting the latest and most comprehensive modpacks. Over the years, we have amassed a wealth of expertise and introduced custom solutions such as mods and plugins to enhance your gameplay.

Our Commitment

  • Good Stability, Uptime, and Performance: Your gameplay matters to us, which is why our dedicated staff continually monitor and maintain our network to minimize downtime and ensure a lag-free experience.
  • Working (Grief) Protection: Your creations are precious, and we protect them. Our servers employ various grief protection mechanisms, ensuring your hard work remains intact.
  • Friendly Community and Staff Team: Join a community that's as passionate about Minecraft as you are. Our staff is here to assist you, and our community is known for its warmth and helpfulness.
  • Natural Modpack Experience: Immerse yourself in the world of Minecraft mods with our carefully curated modpacks, designed to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience.
  • Major and Latest Modpacks: We host a vast selection of modpacks, including the latest releases, to keep your Minecraft adventures fresh and exciting.
  • Years of Experience: With a history spanning over a decade, we have refined our services to cater to both novice players and seasoned veterans.

Performance and Stability

We understand the importance of reliable servers. Our team works tirelessly to maintain our network's performance and stability. We've developed tools like the AE2 profiler to identify and address performance bottlenecks. Real-time monitoring and our vigilant Watchdog ensure rapid responses to any issues, ensuring an efficient and enjoyable gaming experience for you.

Grief Protection

Our servers run two different types of grief protection. If you are playing on a skyblock or custom modpack map, your land is automatically claimed for you. To change the features of your land, you can use the in-game command /is. Using this command allows you to set your island home, view your team members, change the biome and other various features as well.

There is no changing how much is claimed so you need to make use of your space. Remember the claim goes Down to bedrock and up to the build limit.

If you are playing any of our other modpacks, we have golden shovel protection. You start off with 100 claim blocks, and you can gain more from voting or donating. In theory, the longer you play on the server, the more claim blocks you can get to expand your claim.

If you want to make a claim, then you can use the golden shovel that you started the pack with, or craft a new one if you lost it. When you equip it, It will tell you how many claim blocks you have in the chat. Then you right click the ground where you want to start your claim. Then in the opposite corner right click again.

This will create your claimed area, providing you have enough claim blocks. You can use the command /trust \<playername\> To allow them to edit inside your claim. You can also use /abandonclaim, While standing in your claim to delete that claim or /abandonallclaims to remove every claim you own.

You can view a tutorial on how to use this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLR4GrOiGOY

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team consists of various roles, each contributing to the seamless operation of our network:

  • Founder: Responsible for network vision, server expansion, and finances.
  • Director: Supports the Administrator, Manager, and Community Coordinator teams. Helps actualize Founder's vision.
  • Administrator: Handles server management, world resets, and resolves out-of-game issues.
  • Manager: Manages staff, player complaints, and oversees daily activities.
  • Community Coordinator: Leads community outreach efforts, manages social media, and fosters player engagement.
  • Senior Moderator: Focuses on in-game operations, community interaction, and bug resolution.
  • Moderator: Provides front-line customer service, addresses player concerns, and reports server performance issues.
  • Helper: Serves as a minimum responsibility staff role who's main focus is to help moderator chats and direct players to get proper support.
  • Consultant: Retired staff members who offer valuable insights based on their experience.
  • Developer: Contributes to plugin development and server performance improvement.

For detailed information about our staff team, please visit this link.


We prioritize the safety of your data. Our servers perform automatic backups hourly, daily, and weekly, retaining them for up to two weeks and sometimes longer. These backups serve a crucial role in safeguarding your Minecraft world, assisting in data restoration, fixing corrupted chunks, and resolving various issues. Your Minecraft experience is in capable hands with our comprehensive backup system.