General Questions

Where do I apply to become part of the MyM Team?

All information about applying to staff and their responsibilities can be found on the forums. You can also apply for Developer here as well.

When do I get promoted from Lost Soul etc.?

The ranks are titles only and nothing more. There is more planned but on a pretty low priority. The promotion itself happens based on your time spent on the server. If you want to know your tracked time, try /stats in-game. You can view how long it takes to get to each rank here.

Is there a Discord server?

We definitely have a Discord server! You can get to the MyM discord by accepting this Discord invite.

What are vote rewards?

At the end of every week and month, we give out rewards for the top voters respectively. Below, is a weekly and monthly table of the rewards;

1st Place:400250
2nd Place:N/A150
3rd Place:N/A100
1st Place:10001 Month FREE Patron Tier 3
2nd Place:8001 Month FREE Patron Tier 2
3rd Place:6001 Month FREE Patron Tier 1
4th Place:600
5th Place:400

Can I record YouTube or Twitch on here?

We don't have anything against it, but you better have good endurance as we can not guarantee a constant stability of the server/modpack.

Do I get a special rank if I'm a Streamer or Youtuber?

Currently, we don't have any special ranks in place.

Do staff get paid for working for MyM?

All our staff is working voluntarily without a benefit. No payment, no special permissions for personal use, So be grateful for all the work they do for the community.

Are staff playing legit, or use creative for own sake?

Staff play 100% legit at all times. Even instant teleportation is not allowed to be used for personal gain. All the extra permissions granted after becoming a part of the staff are only allowed to be used for fulfilling their duties, not for personal advantage. We enforce this strictly and if you are seeing a staff member not playing legit, please report them to us here.

What is a Standalone server?

A Standalone server is one that has a separate inventory and chat from the other servers of the same pack.

How do I build a nether portal?

See Multiplex Nether Portal Tutorial for a full explanation and tutorial on how to use our custom nether portal plugin.

How do I create a ticket?

Creating a ticket requires a forum account which you can create here.

Once you have a forums account, run /ticket in-game and follow the instructions. Just make sure to be at the correct location before you issue the command as your location will be included.

The command only creates a ticket entry. You must click the link that pops up in chat and fill it out or else staff will be unable to see it. Alternatively, you can view your ticket by going to this page and clicking the empty ticket.

More information about our ticket system can be found here