Rules & Server Info

Is raiding or griefing allowed?

Griefing is not allowed, be it protected or not. Taking the belongings of another player is griefing. Please click here for the exact definition of the word "griefing" for the full picture.

Please read the rules. They state clearly that griefing/raiding isn't allowed in any case, be it protected or unprotected. Exceptions are clearly stated within the server's internal /rules.

Is PvP allowed here?

Unless stated otherwise, PvP is not allowed. On some servers, you can use /pvp in order to toggle PvP.

Is EMC Looping allowed?

Yes it is allowed! You can read the post here that has more info on the subject.

With that being said, duping items is NOT allowed. That is abusing a bug, and not intended as a valid way of getting items. EMC looping on the other hand is a valid way to get EMC in our opinion. Read the post for more info.

Can I get a refund for my item?

No, we do not refund items. Please read our No Refund Policy here for more info.

Where do I report a bug?

Mainly on the forums. Depending on the kind of bug either in the public or private section. If it is a dupe bug or it contains personal information, please use the private one, otherwise, use the public area to which more people have access - hence getting an answer is quicker.

Where can I see the banned items?

A list of banned items is available in-game by using the /banneditems command.

Why is this mod or item banned?

There is not a single item being banned for no reason. While our ban-list might not seem like the smallest, be aware that we are a huge network with quite some knowledge about grief potential, performance issues and server crashes. So minimal ban list doesn't directly mean they know what they do as they might not even be aware of the issues of the items. We have quite some experience in patching mods in order to fix server crashes, improve performance and extend the usual grief protection to a limit and look for all sorts of possibilities before restricting any item. Check out these guidelines explaining our decision making about problematic items.

If you have questions about a particular item feel free to open up a support thread on the forums.

How frequently does the server restart?

The hourly restart frequency depends highly on the modpack. In general we can say;

Small12 hours
Medium8 hours
Big4 hours
Unstable2-3 hours

Unstable means the low performance servers or ones that experience memory leaks, high memory usage, disk issues or CPU issues. Generally, newer Minecraft versions 1.18.2 and 1.19.2 will have more frequent restart timers as they are more experimental.