Shop and Currencies

What are starter kits and server upgrades?

Starter kits are a way to jump into a mod and get a quick start. When redeemed using /menu in game, they will give the starter kit to all online players.

Server upgrades can be purchased as well. They tend to be more quality of life improvements such as /god or /fly. Unlike the starter kits, the perk will be available to anyone who logs in during its duration period.

Both starter kits and server upgrades can be purchased on the shop.

What are tokens and how do I get them?

You get tokens by voting. For further information use /vote in-game. Once you have tokens, you can exchange them for claimblocks, MyMs, chunk loader tickets and random items by using /shop.

What are MyM's and what can I use them for and how do I get them?

MyM is the in-game currency used for the market, player to player trading, buying/selling Claimblocks... You can change tokens into MyM, but you can also earn quite a lot from trading with other players.

What are chunk loader tickets and what can I use them for and how do I get them?

Chunk loader tickets are used to keep your chunk loaders active. All 1.7.x servers introduce online (iron block) and offline (gold block) chunk loaders. The chunk loaders use up a certain amount of chunk loader tickets per minute, dependent on the size of the area you want to keep loaded and on whether you are currently online or not. You get chunk loader tickets by exchanging tokens for them in the /shop.

What are tokens, MyMs and tickets? I am confused, do you have more information?

For a more detailed explanation about benefits of voting, please have a look at this thread.