Automatic Farmworld Resets

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What are Automatic Farmworld Resets?

Automatic Farmworld Resets, abbreviated as "AFR," represent a vital system employed within MineYourMind. This system is designed to perform complete resets of specific dimensions or worlds at scheduled intervals. Without this mechanism in place, dimensions such as The End or the Nether would progressively degrade, suffering depletion and looting as time passes since the server's opening. The implementation of AFR ensures these worlds revert to an untarnished and pristine state.

What are the Types of Farmworld Resets?

Presently, MineYourMind offers two distinct types of resets:

  • Weekly Resets: These occur every Saturday.
  • Monthly Resets: Scheduled for the 1st day of each month.

The precise timing of these resets aligns with the first server restart of the specified day. It's noteworthy that our server operates within the GMT+1/2 time zone, accounting for both winter and summer time adjustments.

What Dimensions/Worlds reset on our Servers?

The selection of dimensions or worlds subject to reset is contingent upon the unique demands and utilization patterns of each modpack. While, in most cases, worlds like The End undergo weekly resets, and The Nether follows a monthly reset schedule, exceptions may apply. To identify the dimensions slated for reset on the server you are actively engaged with, please navigate to your server's dedicated page and select your preferred server. Here, you will find an up-to-date list of dimensions currently scheduled for reset. This practice ensures that our reset strategy is tailored to the specific needs and experiences of our players, maintaining a balanced and enjoyable gameplay environment.