Discord Server


Discord is a popular communication platform designed for communities of all types, whether they're gamers, hobbyists, professionals, or anyone looking to connect and interact with others online. It offers a combination of text, voice, and video communication tools, making it a versatile platform for various purposes. You can also talk to other players and MyM staff if you need assistance.


All MyM rules apply in All channels. Anything that breaks those rules will subject you to a verbal warning, or possibly a ban from the discord. Inappropriate avatars, names or profile descriptions will result in you being kicked from the server until you pick an appropriate alternative.

Our public discord has many channels these are used for different purposes. Here is a list of all the general text channels and their purposes.

  • #welcome - is the server landing page. You can find some helpful information here.
  • #announcements - is a channel where general network announcements are broadcast. This is also linked to our forum's Announcement section.
  • #server-news - is a channel where general server news announcements are broadcast. This is also linked to our forum's Server News section.
  • #server-maintenance - is a channel where you will get pinged when a server experiences some downtime.
  • #changelog - is a channel where you will get pinged with any changes that happen on any server. This is linked to our forum's Changelog section.
  • #social-and-polls - is a channel where you will get pinged with social media posts and be a part of any polls we might have
  • #support - is only used for support questions. This channel is linked to the Staff chat so there may be other staff available then what is shown on discord. Please be patient as we cannot be available 24/7
  • #support_Patron - Just like #support, this is priority support for those who wish to support the server through our patron ranks. From Tier 1 to Tier 3, you will always have access to this channel as long as your subscription is active.
  • #new-server-support - is a channel for new servers (1.18 or 1.19 Miencraft) to ask for support. This is a temporary solution for the ticket system since new servers do not have that.


  • Minecraft - Channels in this section are meant for Minecraft talk only.
  • Social - Channels in this section are meant for general dicussion or hanging out.
  • BuildZone - Is for Builders only.
  • Events - Are for event participators
  • Server - Are Discord to Minecraft bridges and vice-versa
  • Voice - Are voice channels

Additional Notes

  • How do I sign up for discord? You can sign up for a free discord account here and once you have an account, you can click this link to join us.
  • Be friendly! No one is obligated to help you, nor here to have people be mean to them, so please try to remain calm while waiting for someone to help you.
  • Be patient! Responses can take a little while. People that are on Discord are usually not sitting there, waiting for you to ask your question. They might not even be on the computer, be focused on work or playing a game. Give them time to respond, and go play a game, relax or grab something to eat or drink in the process.