The Announcement section is your central hub for staying informed about the latest news, updates, and important information within our community. This section is designed to keep you in the loop on all the exciting developments, events, and changes happening in our community and beyond.

Server Info/Changelog

Server Info

This section is to let community members know updates and important changes to servers.


Here you can find changes made on all servers past and present.



If you believe you were unfairly banned or punished within our community, this is the place to make your case. Our staff team carefully reviews appeals to ensure fairness and uphold community standards.

Complaints - Players

Have an issue with another player's behavior? Use this section to report inappropriate or disruptive conduct from fellow community members. We take player complaints seriously to maintain a positive environment.

Complaints - Staff

If you've encountered problems with our staff members, here's where you can voice your concerns. We value transparency and accountability and will investigate and address staff-related complaints appropriately.

Bug Reports

Private Bug Reports

Sometimes, issues are best addressed privately. Use this section to report technical glitches, errors, or other problems you'd prefer to discuss confidentially with our development team.


Looking to join our team? Apply here!



Here, you will have posted your base restoration request from our shop. You can review it on this forum.


Engage in direct discussions with our staff members regarding any concerns, questions, or feedback you may have. This is your direct line to the people running the community.

Support Forums

Got technical issues or need help with something related to our platform or services? Seek assistance and solutions in the Support Forums, where our community members can provide guidance. You should post in the sub-forum or the modpack that you need help in.

Community Talk

Discuss topics related to our community, gaming, or anything else that's on your mind. Share stories, ideas, or simply have a friendly chat with your fellow members.

Patron Zone

A special section for our patrons or premium members. Access exclusive content, perks, and engage in discussions and events tailored for our most dedicated supporters.

Suggestions and Feedback

Modpack Suggestions

Share your ideas and suggestions for modpacks or game content you'd like to see added. Your input helps shape the future of our gaming experience.

Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Learn, share, and discover valuable tutorials, tips, and tricks related to our games or community. Become a more skilled and informed player with the help of our members.


For discussions that don't fit neatly into other categories. Here, you can talk about hobbies, interests, or anything unrelated to our core topics. It's a place to unwind and connect on a broader range of subjects.

Two Factor Authentication

See Two Factor Authentication: Forums for more information.