Warning This Page is a Work-In-Progress and might not reflect what is actually available.


Create a claim

Use your first Chest to create a claim or use a golden shovel and click two corners with it to create your claim. If you use the golden shovel to create a claim then you have to look that the claim is at least 10x10 blocks, else it will not work. Everything in this claim is protected from outsiders.

The glowstone and gold show you the corners which you can hide with a stick if you right click on the outside of your claim or you click on the inside to show them.

Trust a player

To grant someone the permissions to build in your claim you have to use the command /trust [Player] while you are in your claim. If you run the command in the outside then the player get trusted in all your claims. It is also possible to revoke the permissions, for this you have to use /untrust [Player].

Deleting a claim

You can delete one claim or all claims. To delete a claim you have to stand in the claim and use the command /abandonclaim, use it again to confirm it. If you want to delete all your claims you need to use the command /abandonallclaims and use the command again to confirm it.


  • /Trust [Player] - Gives the player permissions to build
  • /TrustList - Lists all trusted players
  • /UnTrust [Player] - Revokes any permissions of the player
  • /claiminfo - Displays general info about the claim you are standing in. 1.10+ only
  • /claimlist - Displays all claims you have access to. 1.10+ only
  • /AbandonClaim - Deletes the claim you're standing in.
  • /AbandonAllClaims - Deletes all of your claims.
  • /AccessTrust [Player] - Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers...
  • /ContainerTrust [Player] - Gives a player permission to use and open everything.
  • /PermissionTrust [Player] - Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others.
  • /Untrust All - Removes all permissions for all players in your claim.
  • /SubdivideClaims - Switches your shovel to subdivison mode, so you can subdivide your claims.
  • /BasicClaims - Puts your shovel back in basic claim mode.
  • /sellclaimblocks <amount> - Sells claimblocks for MyM's, 1:1 Ratio.
  • /buyclaimblocks <amount> - Buys claimblocks for MyM's, 1:1 Ratio.