No Refunds Policy

Before you read any further, this policy is Non-Negotiable. Please do not try to argue with us on the policy, as this is a staple rule we put in place to save time on our busy admins and make everyone's experience fair. We understand it is frustrating to be linked a cookie cutter message to tell you that we cannot help you with your lost items, but allow us to give our point of view and maybe you can see where this policy is rooted.

Do not let this policy discourage you from posting a bug report!

A brief summary

We do not refund items for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Deaths (Be careful when fighting mobs, however if your grave is in a claim let us know)
  • Accidental item drops (Pressed "Q" when flying over the void or lava)
  • PvP kills
  • Item Clears (It gives sufficient warnings.)
  • Mod Bugs such as NBT overload (ME drives in a backpack or nesting portable storage devices), TombManyGraves, etc.
  • Grief/Theft (Please read the section covering our protection plugin. Protect your stuff!)

Make sure to report any errors to the appropriate section in the forums (Modpack support forums, private bug reports, etc).

Whether or not we refund items is up to staff discretion, so please make sure to report such errors as you might just be one of those rare occurrences where this happens (again, no promises).

Why we made this policy

We get a lot of requests for refunds that might have been lost for a multitude of reasons. We all understand that this is a frustrating situation, especially after all the work that was put into obtaining those items. Unfortunately, we have this No Refund policy, no matter the circumstances, to keep it fair to everyone. I'm sure if you saw a player get a refund after you didn't, you would be upset and want to get a refund too. This is simply not possible to uphold for everyone, and to avoid favoritism we chose the stance of No Refunds.

To put things into perspective

This is a Network of several physical server boxes all hosting a multitude of servers for the community to play on (~34 as of 01/20/2019). The Admins, Managers and Founders are working constantly to build a better network for the community, and understandably they do not have time to refund everyone's items. We have approximately 500 active players at any given time on our network, and just over 30 members of staff to watch over these players. Just being in charge of the staff is like a full-time job for our Managers as it is. This does not include the job the Administrators due to maintain the servers and make sure they run smoothly. If we had a refunds policy that meant we refund everyone's items, that would add piles and piles of work for the staff team as a whole. We would likely need to double our staff members in order to handle all the refund requests we get.

Some points to take into consideration

  1. If you were in single player (Without access to cheats), you would likely shrug it off and continue despite what happened.
  2. Approximately 95% of issues related to disappearing items are due to the minecraft mods themselves, and are completely separate from MyM and the Servers (You wouldn't call Microsoft or Apple to request a refund because your Razer mouse broke).
  3. Trust. Who's to say that the player reporting the issue is actually telling the truth? It's an issue of being fair to all players (staff included) who have also lost items and want their stuff back. Its just not possible to please everyone.

With that being said...

Report these bugs or glitches to us! Aside from the reasons why we don't refund items, we do not want to stop you from letting us know if a bug or glitch is happening. Please report the errors/bugs/glitches to us in a ticket or support forums post! Your input could save others from making the same mistake, sometimes it can even get the issue fixed. In extreme circumstances (no promises) you may get your items back as a result of solving the bug. All of this is only possible if you report the bug to us.

Thank you, and we hope you have a wonderful time on our servers.