Ubuntu Installation

This is optional! It only allows it to show up as an Application, and adds a desktop icon!

The following 7 steps intend to help you setup the Ubuntu Launcher and Icon that you (Home Ubuntu 16.04.x User) can quickly access without excessive navigating to launch it.

Summary of Steps involved:

  • Oracle Java JDK 8 will be installed first.
  • There will be editing of scripts, extracting an icon from the MyM-Launcher.jar and editing the launcher application file (.desktop)
  • File edits will be done with sudo or gksu for graphical editors. nano, gedit, vi or any editor may be used based on familiarity.
  • This process is very similar to doing the same with vanilla Minecraft or other Java or "portable" applications that you desire to launch easily.
  • Commands using the home userland work directory paths will be instructed.
  1. Install Oracle JDK from Command Line
  • This installs Java 8 for the entire system.
  • This Java is recommended but other variations of Java will work.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer
  • Make sure to agree to the terms and wait for it to finish installing. This can take some time so wait a bit.
  1. Download, creation of directory and moving of files

Download The Official free MyM Launcher directly from here by scrolling down and clicking the button at the bottom that says Mac + Linux

Now we need to run a few commands to get the directory made, and the launcher moved to the proper folder

sudo mkdir ~/Programs/MyM
cd ~/Downloads
mv MyM-Launcher.jar ~/Programs/MyM
  1. Getting the Icon from within the jar.
  • Right click the MyM-Launcher.jar and choose Archive Manager
  • Then navigate to /com/skcraft/launcher/ and click the bootstrapper_icon.png and then click Extract
  • Once you have the icon, save it to the work directory in ~/Programs/MyM
  1. Create the bash script

Create and edit a new MyM.sh shell script.

The MyM.sh script file will be stored in the ~/Programs/MyM work directory and executed from the MyM-Launcher.desktop application file when you run it.

Run the following command to make the shell script

gedit /home/user/Programs/MyM/MyM.sh

Copy the following code, and paste it into the script file

cd ~/Programs/MyM
java -jar MyM-Launcher.jar

Save the file and close the editor. Please make edits to accommodate the filename at your time of download!

  1. Set permissions

Run the following commands to make the Shell Script and the Launcher Jar executable. This will allow us to run them later on to get the launcher working.

chmod a+x ~/Programs/MyM/MyM.sh
chmod a+x ~/Programs/MyM/MyM-Launcher.jar

Alternatively, you can use the File Explorer to right click the file and choose Properties → Permissions, and check Execute.

  1. Creating and editing a MyM-Launcher.desktop file

We will be making a file in ~/.local/share/applications called MyM-Launcher.desktop. This file will only be usable by your current user, and will need to be repeated for other users who wish to have an independent launcher install.

Mind the case of the letters and name format!

At the command line run the following command to create the file

gedit ~/.local/share/applications/MyM-Launcher.desktop

Copy this into the editor

[Desktop Entry]
Name=MyM Launcher
Comment=Launches MyM-Launcher quickly.

Change <USER> to your username, save it, and close the window.

  1. Final Checkup.

In the ~/Programs/MyM/ folder, you should have the following items: MyM-Launcher.jar, MyM.sh and bootstrapper_icon.png

If those items are present, you can safely copy the MyM-Launcher.desktop from ~/.local/share/applications to your desktop using the following commands

cd ~/.local/share/applications
cp MyM-Launcher.desktop ~/Desktop

and run it from the desktop to enjoy our launcher!

If you still have issues after following this guide, please double check all steps. If there are still issues, please report it to us on the forums or through an ingame ticket!