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Comments on the album "Town" created by Newt_00

  1. NotSoProG
    Looks good keep up the good work.
  2. Newt_00
    thank you :D were doing lots of behind the scenes stuff but the road came together great! someone robbed my base of some things and a bunch of the lv capacitors on the lamp posts but wehn they roll back the chunks for me all will be back to normal
  3. NotSoProG
    Thats good to hear i hope the people who did that get court soon and punished but im glad it hasn't stopped you from doing your thing.
  4. Newt_00
    of course not im easy going all i want to do is have fun haha the admins are doing thei best to restore the thousands of items stolen all i have to do is wait
  5. NotSoProG
    yeah and im glad you can keep a happy face and not let it slow you down keep it up i look forward to seeing what you build next.
  6. Newt_00
    I appreciate it and also if you're ever interested we would love more neighbors on our road feel free to come check it out and lay a claim to a new spot :D
  7. NotSoProG
    Yeah i will make sure i do thank you for the invitation. (sorry for the late reply)
  8. Newt_00
    np and of course we love new neighbours
  9. NotSoProG
    hi sorry i haven't replied in a while i've been really busy if you can send me the location of the town i would love to join
  10. jordanbr13
    More pictures can be found here > [MEDIA=imgur]a/EQXbqoa[/MEDIA]
  11. Newt_00
    Of course notsoprog i’m joinging rn waiting for mc to launch if you’re on i’ll message you the coords just ping me in chat
  12. Newt_00
    -624 4251 is the loc btw
  13. NotSoProG
    thanks i will pop by when im next on
  14. Shizucc
    I've been there myself, it looks stunning but boy do my frames drop when im near that place lol
  15. Newt_00
    hahah thats my fault cus of my particle gens XD ive turned alot of them off tho