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Admin Assistance - Query

Discussion in 'Community Talk' started by OctoberGwen, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. OctoberGwen

    OctoberGwen Well-Known Member

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    5:38 AM
    Hey guys. I’m not on the forums a lot, but Lirael suggested that I try here.

    I’ve been a part of MYM for years and I wanted to see if I could reach out to the community for some help.

    You see, my husband is trapped abroad because of travel bans all over Central America. He’s in Honduras and was visiting his parents that he hasn’t seen in four years. When he left, this whole mess was was the farthest thing from our minds because it wasn’t really here in the Western Hemisphere. We bought the plan ticket in mid December and Covid19 wasn’t even discovered until December 31st.

    But then, 5 days after he left, the deaths in the states started to go up. I was on top of it. I watched the CDC page like a hawk. Every update that came out, I was aware of. Honduras didn’t have a single case until mid March. Still I watched for travel bans. I figured Honduras would at least give us 24 hours to get out.

    I was horrifically wrong. On March 15th, Honduras instantly closed all borders and halted all traffic out of the country, effectively trapping my husband.

    All flights out were cancelled so we reached out to the US Embassy and the State Department. They connected me to Global Guardians who were working with the Honduran Government to fly in a plane every couple of days to get US Citizens and Residents out of Honduras. The downside is that this flight is 2000$ USD. It’s our whole life savings.

    I wanted to see if it would be ok to share the gofundme that I’ve set up to help offset some of the cost so we can at least keep our heads above water. I know times are hard and I’ll understand if it’s not ok. But even if people could share it, that would be helpful.

    I look forward to your decision, good or bad. Thanks for everything you do. May
  2. wyndman

    wyndman Manager

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    8:38 AM
    My initial answer is no.. but luckily it isn't up to me to make those decisions so let me forward it to the bosses. @Founder
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  3. SirWill

    SirWill Founder

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    2:38 PM
    You can link it once in the forum but not multiple times and not in game or on discord.
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