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Done Animals mysteriously disappearing

Discussion in 'Infinity Skyblock' started by Goldchoc_Alt2, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Goldchoc_Alt2

    Goldchoc_Alt2 New Member

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    1:03 PM
    Started Infinity Skyblock and spawned in some pigs after making a carrot farm- all but one of the pigs vanished when I logged off and logged back in. I assumed this was probably a bug on my end or some form of creeper explosion collateral. However, the same thing has happened to my cows today, where all but one of my cows has vanished when i logged off and logged back in. Is there any way to remedy this issue?

    (I am aware that being 24 blocks away gives more passive mobs a chance to spawn but it was a sizable farm and it would be easier to retrieve the animals i lost.)
  2. jaari

    jaari Well-Known Member

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    7:03 AM
    That's probably going to be the entity limiter they have in place. Don't put too many animals in a single chunk/area.
  3. wyndman

    wyndman Consultant

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    1:03 AM
    Entity Limiter, don't cram too many passives or hostiles together in the same general area (3x3)

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