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Done Antimatter cell should be banned

Discussion in 'Galactic Science' started by Fortunata, Apr 2, 2021.

  1. Fortunata

    Fortunata Well-Known Member

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    10:16 PM
    I built and tested antimatter cell and bomb. The antimatter cell goes boom, when you simply drop it.
    That means, even without permission, someone can drop it on other protected areas and make a big hole.
  2. SovereignEternal

    SovereignEternal Administrator

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    1:16 PM
    Hello Fortunata,

    Thanks for letting us know! I'll poke our @Senior Moderator team and they'll get right on this! Happy gaming!

    Respectfully yours,
  3. Dead_0nArrival

    Dead_0nArrival Well-Known Member

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    4:16 PM
    I have tested this in SP and the Bomb causes massive world destruction and has no other purpose in crafting. I tested the cell and dropping from your inventory causes an explosion and has no other purpose in crafting. I have banned both of the items. Thank you for reporting this.

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