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Done Armour's workshop data base

Discussion in 'Galactic Science' started by Syphin777, Jun 1, 2021.

  1. Syphin777

    Syphin777 Patron Tier 3

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    11:21 AM
    I was wondering if there would be anyway to copy the old data base for Armour's workshop from the old GS server to the new one. It has all the stuff that everyone made or added to it. Some of the stuff that was added is near impossible to find (spend 4 hours looking for my old one with name and author of it) and it would be nice to have these back in the game. Thank you for your time in reading this request.
  2. BetaPetey

    BetaPetey Senior Moderator Booster

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    1:21 PM
    Hello Syphin777,

    If you want to I recommend you ask for this to be added in Suggestions and Feedback. You’d likely be able to get more opinions from staff and different players on if this can be added or not.

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