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Done Awesomite Block Help?

Discussion in 'Galactic Science' started by EliteXSoldier, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. EliteXSoldier

    EliteXSoldier Well-Known Member

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    1:23 PM
    So basically, i was mining near my crucible, and my awesomite block disappeared, and and i wasted more diamonds for a pure one ;-; and broke with one hit, so i broke 2 with one hit, is there a way i can please get my 2 awesomite blocks back? and please improve the mining time for the block or something. i dont want to waste more diamonds
  2. tyler489

    tyler489 Well-Known Member

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    3:23 PM
    sorry but mym has a strict no refund policy as for the mining time i be leave that is default time
  3. Ernuke

    Ernuke Well-Known Member

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    6:23 PM
    Just as @tyler489 said. We have a no refund policy. I'm terrible sorry for your loss.

    On the future try to take care around those block because as you find out, they are very "fragile".

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