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Open Blizz Mob

Discussion in 'B-Team' started by tictacton, May 23, 2023.

  1. tictacton

    tictacton Well-Known Member

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    5:29 AM
    Hi there, the Blizz from Thermal Expansion has been bugged for quite some time now on B-team. The mob is totally invisible and only takes damage from projectiles. To make matters worse, they also crash the game of any nearby players when they are killed.

    Is there any way you can either 1: Fix the issue with the mob not appearing and crashes (as far as I know they work fine in singleplayer)? or 2: stop them from spawning in general? They only have 1 drop, which has alternate recipes that can replace it.

    I'm currently building a base in an Alps biome where they spawn, and its very frustrating to have to crash my game over and over to stop them from shooting at me.

  2. dragon87tamer

    dragon87tamer Moderator

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    1:29 PM
    Hi there, thank you for letting us know about this. I will see if I can get a lovely @Senior Moderator to investigate this issue further. Please be patient while they look into this!

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